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Picture Canyon via Mt. Elden AZT #32, AZ
mini location map2022-07-09
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Picture Canyon via Mt. Elden AZT #32, AZ 
Picture Canyon via Mt. Elden AZT #32, AZ
Hiking4.46 Miles 322 AEG
Hiking4.46 Miles   1 Hour   32 Mns   3.04 mph
322 ft AEG      4 Mns Break
1st trip
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We explored Turkey Hills and Pueblo earlier in the day and originally planned to hike AZT #32 over to Picture Canyon, but running short on time, we decided to drive over to the Picture Canyon Trailhead and have more time in that area. Unfortunately, El Paso Flagstaff Road was closed for construction, so we turned around and parked in the same spot we'd just left, near Route 66/FR 791. With the extra mileage, we we weren't going to have time to see all of Picture Canyon, but we'd see how far we could get with the time we had.

The stretch of AZT #32 leading into Picture Canyon is flat and easy, so we made good time and reached the main petroglyph site. There were a few people far ahead of us on the trail as we approached, but it was empty when we got there. The site had some impressive petroglyphs and plenty of informational signs, though it lacked the excitement of searching/exploring in places like Agua Fria. We stayed a little past our turnaround time before starting back...we didn't have time to explore the canyon/waterfall area, so that will have to wait for another day.

Based on descriptions in other trip logs--and after seeing so much trash around Turkey Hills earlier in the day--I had low expectations for the area, but I had a positive first impression, especially for an area surrounded by city. I guess we technically smelled more of Picture Canyon that we saw today :): as many have mentioned, we noticed the aromas of reclaimed water and the nearby Purina dogfood factory...maybe it's worse in the canyon/waterfall area, but the smells weren't overpowering where we were. There were dark clouds around for most of the hike, but it didn't rain, and I was happy we were able to at least reach one of the points of interest in the ~90 minutes we had before we needed to head back to Phoenix.

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