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Picture Canyon Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-08-01
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Picture Canyon Loop, AZ 
Picture Canyon Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 01 2020
Hiking4.18 Miles 461 AEG
Hiking4.18 Miles   2 Hrs   15 Mns   1.93 mph
461 ft AEG      5 Mns Break
1st trip
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started around 5:17PM, finished at almost dark 7:40 or so. Can't be entirely accurate as Kemosabe is on its last legs and Route Scout doesn't like that so gives up the ghost. Thus stats are guestimates using Ambika's Route and my start/finish time of day. And the geotagged photos will also be slightly off. Good news though, I finally put in the pre-order for my new phone (wow, was that a lot of money, so hopefully it will last 5 years too)

Due to traffic delays of nearly 1/2 hour, we ended up having a late lunch at Oregano's in east Flagstaff (had to wait 20 minutes for that too), checked in to the hotel, chilled and then headed for the TH. The trail (Tom Moody Loop and some Arizona Trail) is quite nice and there's lots of things to keep you interested starting with an interpretive stop and then the reclaimed water pond. We took a side hill (not part of the trail) just to get a little elevation work in. Looks like it just takes you down the backside to another road.

Next stop was the RR Trestle and waterfall. The Fall was flowing nicely. As the water has come thru that canyon it has done some nice rock sculpting too. There were even some grape vines with grapes growing over the side. From here we wrapped around, saw an orange skimmer, before heading down the hill a bit to the Rio De Flag bridge. We were last here in 2014 as part of our 14 mile day on this passage of the Arizona Trail. They have removed the fencing near the bridge so it looks much nicer now. From here we continued near the Rio de Flag and spent a few moments at the Waterbird PetroGlyph site. We saw a live bunny too. I thought the glyphs were pretty nice.

We continued on the loop and eventually veered to the west and south through the forest. We saw a sailboat in the distance. It was parked on a trailer on someone's property just outside the preserve. It was starting to get a little dark by now as we finally made it back to the TH. Here is a link to the Picture Canyon brochure and map: ... _PC?bidId=

I was pleased to see a nice variety of flora. I did not post all the flora pics but they are in the video. Seemed strange to be filming again. Even stranger was trying to remember how to make and edit the video [ youtube video ]

We had trouble finding an open restaurant on the east side for after 8. After a couple different tries we finally found an open place, The Crown Railroad Cafe. They scored big with their wonderful meal, me not so much but it was good enough for us to go there for breakfast which was great! It's attached to Howard Johnson's off of Route 66 and if I hadn't seen the neon sign as were driving by, we would have missed it
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Rio de Flag Rio de Flag Bridge
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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