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Fish Creek via Lost Dutch
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mini location map2022-12-26
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Fish Creek via Lost DutchPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking9.61 Miles 1,290 AEG
Hiking9.61 Miles   8 Hrs   14 Mns   1.17 mph
1,290 ft AEG
1st trip
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Andy and I have been planning a hike in Fish Creek from Tortilla for awhile now and we finally were able to make it happen yesterday joined by Scott. The road into Tortilla Ranch was a smooth graded freeway as always. 😂Started up the JF trail then went off trail exploring the old Miller Mines and the items that were still scattered around from it. There is a cairned route down however, we figured we would find our own route down, unfortunately it was a very painful one and my arms, hands and legs were bloodied multiple times. Got to the bottom of Lost Dutch Canyon and we were stopped in our tracks by a catclaw forest (oh yea!). Scott had his clippers and after a bit we were able to cut our way out. Lost Dutch Canyon was completely dry so we figured we would see some pools in Fish Creek and that would be it, but to our surprise it was filled with tons of water with huge deep pools and rapids the entire way. About a mile in I stopped and tried to turn around to look at an animal track. As my left leg was planted in mud it slipped the other direction and I popped my ankle. It was pretty painful and weak, but we had worked hard to get into the canyon and I've been wanting to get down into Fish Creek Canyon for awhile, so I sucked it up and continued. Our original goal was to get to the Frog Tanks junction, however, we all of the water, a bum ankle we only averaged about a mile an hour and with the late start we ran out of time. By the time we got to Goat Canyon it was already 2, so we had a quick snack and started back. With a bum ankle and me starting to tire out I decided walking through the creek in spots was easier then boulder hopping around the water. The water was ice cold, my feet felt like a thousand needles were stabbing it but at that point I didn't care lol. Quick break at junction and we started the climb out, this time following the cairned route most of the way, getting back to the truck just before needing the headlamps.
This was probably the most spectacular hike I've done in awhile, and by far the most scenic creek hike in the Superstition's, the views are breathtaking! It was absolutely worth the catclaw and ankle injury to see it. Passed a couple of guys at the start of JF and a guy hiking down 213 in the dark and that was it, however, there were some semi fresh foot prints that we came across at the junction of Fish Creek and Lost Dutch canyons.
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