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Miller Peak, AZ
mini location map2010-08-25
48 by photographer avatarrwstorm
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Miller Peak, AZ 
Miller Peak, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 25 2010
Hiking13.00 Miles 3,900 AEG
Hiking13.00 Miles   8 Hrs   20 Mns   1.56 mph
3,900 ft AEG
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Back to do this fine hike again, but under completely different conditions. The first indication of this was the low clouds shrouding the mountain as I drove into Sierra Vista. I knew the area got a lot of rain the night before, but the magnitude was about to be revealed. After stopping at McDonalds for a pre-hike breakfast, I noticed something I had only seen one other time: a huge flow of water cascading over Carr Falls! So, I had to make a side trip over there to get some pictures for sure. Here is a short video:

By now I realized this was really going to be an adventure! The monsoon really went wild and pounded the pumpkin out of this range. Water was flowing everywhere. As I started hiking up the old mining road to the first stream crossing the roar was pretty loud and I wondered if I could get across safely. :scared: I gave the first one a try and it worked out okay, so on I went. Didn't think I would see anyone else in the canyon on a day like this, but then I caught up to a group of die-hards from Sierra Vista who had stopped at the second crossing. That was as far as they were going. We chatted awhile, took some pictures, and then I made the crossing while one of them shot a video. Turns out the second crossing was the trickiest, as at one point it got almost waist deep (found a better way on my return). Shoes on, shoes off, by now this was getting to be fun! :) Here is one of my crossings:

There are 5 crossings below Tub Spring and I had to take off the shoes for 4 of them. Even high up in the drainage at Tub Spring there was a strong flow of water. This was just so awesome. By the time I made it to the Crest Trail I was in the clouds. One of the reasons I came back was to finish taking pictures, so I was wondering if I would see anything from the peak. Turns out that I was just above the main cloud deck on top, so I got some decent shots. On the way back down, the cloud layer finally began to dissipate. There was no rain on the hike and it was very pleasant in the cool moist air.

On the way down I did a side trip over to check out the old water works that has supplied Tombstone with water from this canyon since 1882 via a 25 mile pipeline that is still in use after nearly 130 years! I got a picture of some of the original pipe with a valve dated 1878. Very cool! 8)

By far my most memorable visit to this fine canyon! :y:
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