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mini location map2010-09-18
5 by photographer avatarrobxxx
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Bug Springs TrailTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Backpack9.30 Miles 1,969 AEG
Backpack9.30 Miles1 Day   6 Hrs      
1,969 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Well I originally planned to do the Green Mountain trail but started the
wrong way up Bug Springs from the Catalina Hwy end thinking it was Green Mountain !
(the two trails connect at the Hwy.) By the time I got up the initial ascent
of Bug Springs trail I realized I was headed south but it was so hot I decided I
didnt want to go uphill anyway so stayed on Bugs spring. The initial forested area
is very nice indeed. By the time I got to prison camp it was in the 90's and I was
ready for water ! From prison camp I headed down sycamore canyon trail to about a mile past
the reservoir and stopped at the stream to soak away the rest of the hot day, was nice.
Had an urge to rush on down to Hutchs pool but didnt have the energy or time.
Camped at the stream, next day headed back the reverse. Alot of mountain bikers on this
trail. At 3am the night I camped a search and rescue helicopter buzzed around shining it's
light on me ! I was paranoid that my SPOT device turned on inadvertently but no, maybe
it was rescuing one of the moto bikers on the hwy which seem to go all night long.

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