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mini location map2011-07-09
15 by photographer avataruphill_junkie
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Half Dome HikeSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Jul 09 2011
Hiking16.98 Miles 5,568 AEG
Hiking16.98 Miles
5,568 ft AEG
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Decided to go up the John Muir Trail and down the Mist Falls Trail. If I had it to do over again, I'd do it the opposite! The John Muir Trail would be much easier to come down, and is much more boring than the Mist Falls Trail! Can't even imagine what it was like before they limited it to 400 permits per day because the cable part was a nightmare enough with a limit. People get in over their heads, freak out and hold up the entire line of people. In addition, since it's a one-lane deal, people don't realize that you have to keep moving people up on one side and down on the other to keep things moving smoothly. ](*,) Too many people stop and sit and wait for a person going the opposite direction, once again holding up the line of people. This is one of the many reasons I don't care for touristy places. Just had to do it to say I'd been there, done that. :D Have no desire to go back! My friend's niece and nephews did it in Vans with zero souls and hardly any water or food!! :lol:

So.......after I got to the top, the views were definitely amazing, but I waited up there for 2 hours for my friends to show up. Finally I decided they must've turned around, so I headed back down the cables. After a 40 minute traffic jam, I find my friends sitting at the bottom of the cables and wanted me to go back up with them because they were scared. :o So back up I went! The 2nd time down was only a 30 minute traffic jam. :roll: :gun: The one thing I was surprised about was that there was not one ounce of fear in me!!!! I thought I'd be nervous coming down, but I faced forward and was ready to run!!! :) Unfortunately I couldn't with the crowd of people. :D

The best part of that whole day was that I had the whole 1st part of the hike until the Yosemite campground to myself, and seeing the views along the Mist Falls Trail on the way down.

Everyone else who went with me that day was either injured or super sore after the hike. I was ready for my next hike! :GB:
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