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Red Crk - Wet Btm - Highwater - Verde 11, AZ
mini location map2012-01-21
33 by photographer avatarThe_Eagle
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Red Crk - Wet Btm - Highwater - Verde 11, AZ 
Red Crk - Wet Btm - Highwater - Verde 11, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 21 2012
Hiking23.30 Miles 3,000 AEG
Hiking23.30 Miles   10 Hrs   56 Mns   2.49 mph
3,000 ft AEG   1 Hour   35 Mns Break17 LBS Pack
1st trip
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As Joe mentioned in his Triplog, the drive in was pretty long. From the Seven Springs Rec Area it's 1hr 15min (the way I drive.. you may need to add some time to your trip). FR 24 is in great shape to Seven Spring Rec Area, and good shape to FR269. FR269 is also in good shape, with just a couple of shallow creek crossings. FR 18 requires High clearance.

I knew this was going to be a special day. Hiking with Joe when he's had very little sleep is a treat. First example reared it's head on the drive in on FR24 in the dark. Some "Bears", next to the side of the road, were getting ready to run in front of my truck. The "Bears" were Horses. Example 2, (and there were many more on the day), hiking down Red Creek, Joe jumped 2 feet in the air screaming with the pitch of a 12 year old girl, because he almost stepped on a Tarantula the size of his fist. He was in no fear of being bitten by the leaf.

Now for the hike....
The Red Creek portion was an easy hike. This was a cool area with a gentle flowing creek that meanders all the way to the Verde. This area looks popular for Quads. We only saw one nice couple in a quad all day. Not nice enough to give us a ride back up to our truck at the end of the day though.

We made our way to the Corral and foundation for an old building. Joe took a nap, and I did a little exploring. ... playnext=1

After a stop to the pay toilet, it was time to cross the Verde. I zipped off the legs on my pants and put on my sandals. While I was crossing I was filming Joe crossing. The current ripped off one Sandal and then the other while I was trying to keep the camera dry. The remainder of my trip across on the slippery green rocks and 40 degree water was barefoot. ... ature=plcp

After drying off and contemplating how I was going to cross back over with no Sandals in another 10 miles, we started our way up the steepest part of the hike for the day. It started on the Verde River Trail #11 to the Wet Bottom Trail #269. This portion of the hike was in great shape and the views were to die for!!

We next met up with the Highwater trail #20 for our trek North to meet the Verde River Trail #11 again. A GPS track from here on out is highly recommended. There were many cairns out there, but when it seemed you needed one most, there was none to be found. For the most part the trail was easy to follow, until it made is turn to the west to meet the Verde River Trail.
We chose the path of least resistance for the most part here, roughly following the GPS track I'd traced.

The next decision we had was where to cross the River again. Joe waded in and tried one possibility. I walked back down South a bit, and ultimately chose to cross in the knee deep rapids area.

After a late lunch it was time to make the march south on the Verde River Trail.
**Note** When leaving the River basin area, and trying to find your way up the Verde River Trail, there is a 20' pole with a yellow reflector. This marks the entrance to the overgrown climb up. ... ature=plcp

The Verde River Trail was also very faint in spots and required a GPS track. At one point the clouds opened up casting incredible shadows on the surrounding mountains. WOW.... ... ature=plcp

We finally caught a break and the trail turned into a faint two track that had not been used in 50-60 years. We caught this all the way back to the Red Creek Trail.

The last 45 min up Red Creek to the truck were by Headlamps.
What a great day in an area I've been eyeing for sometime.

Thanks for keeping it interesting Joe-Joe.
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