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Middle Red Creek, AZ
mini location map2016-04-22
13 by photographer avatarMountainMatt
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Middle Red Creek, AZ 
Middle Red Creek, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 22 2016
Hiking8.09 Miles 1,949 AEG
Hiking8.09 Miles   7 Hrs   22 Mns   2.20 mph
1,949 ft AEG   3 Hrs   41 Mns Break25 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Inspired by AsuAviators epic loop he did in Jan. I was downright fascinated since I've never seen any other photos of this area whatsoever and the fact there were waterfalls in the mix just added to the hype! I took a rather strange route to get into the canyon but hey I'm a strange person what can I say! :lol:

The only reason I parked where I did is because at first had intentions of coming back to my truck via Yellow Jacket and Monroe Canyon. Also because I was going crazy driving on a dirt road for nearly 3 hours, I already get anxious on the way to go hike but this was ridiculous I really wanted out of the vehicle and into the wild! Although it really was a very scenic and beautiful drive. (My first time on old cave creek rd, FR 269)

The drop down into the canyon from the end of FR 2004 near the confluence of Middle Red Creek and Trap Canyon worked perfectly! I had reviewed in the night before on the topo and satellite maps just to be sure and upon getting there I was greeted with very well traveled game trails all the way to the canyon floor. I'm not kidding the game trails In some areas here were clearer than some of the actual trails I've been on! :sweat:

I was ecstatic upon seeing running water in the creek, it was a surprising flow considering the area and how long since it's seen good snowmelt or rain. For the most part I assume the nice riparian areas in Trap Canyon will always contain a decent amount of water considering how many deep pools I came across all filled with a healthy stock of fairly large fish for a creek of that size. I can't believe this area is not traveled more and I'm glad it's not because it was just as beautiful if not better than than the majority of the canyons Iv been in. The only thing was that it was one of the windiest days I've spent outside in along time and reminded me of the high speed wind gust I encountered during my childhood life growing up in Doney Park.

Wasn't quite sure where the falls where so I went upstream half a mile and came across a multitude of nice little cacsdes and high canyon walls. I went up on the bank to a high point to scout ahead and saw that the canyon opened up and faded out and remembered reading Kyles triplog that the falls area was just below the confluence of Middle Red and Trap, I was just doublechecking I didn't miss anything. :D

Upon reaching the falls it literally reminded of a miniature version of the 5 pools in Devils Canyon, not just because I had recently been there but it really did have the same look and feel just a lot smaller in scale. With that being said that area is beyond beautiful! There are 2 small falls that pour into a small pool which leads into the 3rd little fall which has a very large and deep pool and that drains into the 4th and largest fall with a drop roughly around 24-26 feet in height. I made my way down to the base of the large falls and had a nice lunch and nap, it was a hot day but the combo of the grotto area in the canyon and he large trees made for optimum shade levels. 8)

Drank beer, took a lot of photos and soaked in the scenery. I made my way out of the canyon via a more gradual ascent than my descent and just stayed along to the cliffs edge and found another great game trail going up. Funny thing was that I took a seat to my rest my legs since it was still rather steep and right where I sat down I glanced to my left and was surprised to see a very distinct and decent sized pottery shard. Opened my eyes and saw many more shards so then I was scanning everywhere for possible ruins along the mesa but did not see anything distinct. I know Kyle found ruins near Horse Camp and Trap and I have feeling there are many more ruins all throughout those canyons.

I saw my SUV far away upon reaching the top of the mesa and since walking down forest roads bore me and it was out of the way I decided to
make a beeline stomp for my vehicle going up and down straight across Yellow Jacket and then Monroe Canyon which was easier than done but it saved some miles and time.

*after finishing my hike and driving back on FR 16 and then FR 269
(Old Cave Creek) I had this weird thought of a fire happening out here after passing a ranch house and just realizing how dry it was out there. 30
min later and a some miles passed I couldn't believe my eyes!!! What I was hoping or maybe praying was some kind of massive lineup
of Jeeps all with lightbars and high beams on just waiting to go or something was of course in reality a Fire!!! My gut sank as I was realizing that this fire was most likely on the road because I then saw flashing lights of an emergency vehicle near the fire. I was just like no way! I need to be at work tomorrow, I have a dog at home,
I told people where I'd be and I have no service and there is no way I'm going to turn around and go all the way back to Bloody Basin area and go back the other way to the I-17!
The fire was a few miles south of Seven Springs and I couldn't believe as it approached because I got within 1/2 mile and didn't see any closed road signs, emergency vehicles or anything all while the fire is burning up a storm on the hillside just on the side of the road.
I got within a hundred feet or so of the fire along the road and attempted to take photos of the fire but that's when just around the bend I was greeted by a forest ranger and sheriff who were monitoring the fire.
I tried to snag some close up photos but did not want to raise suspicion of mysef since they were still looking for the carless culprit that started the fire. I wanted to park and get out my actuall camera and tripod so I could get some good shots but I didn't want them to think
I was some pyro photographer or something :lol:

All in all a great day as always exploring a seldom traveled area of Arizona!
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