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Sullivan Canyon / Lower Sullies
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mini location map2012-02-19
15 by photographer avatarclairebear
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Sullivan Canyon / Lower SulliesPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Climbing avatar Feb 19 2012
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Kristin and I wanted something to do for Presidents Day Weekend, since we both had Monday off. We decided to take our Friend Teressa up on an invite to Prescott for a nite out on Whiskey Row and then climbing the next day.

We got a late start and probably got to Sully's Canyon around the early afternoon. The hike in is pretty straightforward and afforded some beautiful views. Then we found the chute into the canyon and it was a pretty fun little scramble down. The canyon itself is so beautiful and I was excited for my first time Crack Climbing.

We only ended up getting two climbs in that day, because the weather got really cold and our rope gun decided that he needed to get the heck out of there.~ ( When the sun went behind the clouds it got unbearably chilly despite the warm clothes we were wearing) But I love the crack climbing. Short but awesome day overall :)
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