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Holdout Black Rock Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-10-30
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Holdout Black Rock Loop, AZ 
Holdout Black Rock Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Oct 30 2015
Backpack25.91 Miles 3,873 AEG
Backpack25.91 Miles3 Days         
3,873 ft AEG
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1st trip
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First of all, I loved so much about this trip- the beautiful and rugged scenery, the company, our exposed and treeless camp and especially the isolation. This was one of those great wilderness experiences where there was not a single other person to be found except those in our group.

DAY 1 ~
We departed Tempe on an overcast morning and rendezvoused with Kathy and Karl in Globe. Our trip will take us back down the familiar Klondyke road from a few weeks ago when we hiked to Powers Garden. We turned onto the 4x4 road, passed some cute cows and admired the landscapes. Once prepared at the trailhead we departed and dropped into Laurel Canyon. After passing the slimy green reef tank we followed Holdout Creek Trail. Views in Holdout creek for this portion of the hike are fantastic ~. I've very partial to watery Arizona hikes along creek beds.

We determined that camp near the confluence of Black Rock Canyon and Holdout creek would be work since we would be exiting via Black Rock Canoyn on day 3. With sunset approaching we started to set up camp. 9L made us a very nice fire while Chumley had engineered some bridges to cross the creek to our tents. The rest of us settled in and gathered firewood. Later that night while we were trying to sleep some neighborhood coyotes serenaded us with some not too distant howling and the next morning fresh coyotes poop was found on our beach camp.

Day 2 Exploring from basecamp
It was nice to wake up and pack a few things in a small day back. From camp we headed north to Fisher canyon. For a mile we boulder hopped off trail through the canyon and followed some more of the GET. After we found some shade and took a break we decided to return to camp and before perusing a hike through Holdout Canyon. I was glad to return to camp to filter some more water from the creek and after relaxing a bit we headed out. Our hike in had bypassed this part of the creek so it was great to go back and check out the scenery. Holdout canyon is so picturesque with interesting rock formations carved out from the water. I followed the creek as much as possible. Once the canyon narrowed and the boulders grew to house sizes and I struggled to find a dry path. Chumley and Karl explored deeper into the canyon, with Karl opting for an adventurous canyoneering route. I wish I had been more patient and waited to follow their route. I did enjoy navigating my own way through this part of the canyon, however I had to bail and climb back up to the top when it seemed like forging a
path through the house sized boulders alone was no longer safe. Another time !!! As we settled in by the fire that evening we were joined by Nonot.
Silence from coyote camp that night.

Day 3
We broke down camp and made our way out sometime around 9:30 AM. Our hike out through Black Rock Canyon was easier than much of the trails we had followed all weekend. For five miles we enjoyed the picturesque creek of Black Rock Canyon until reaching the Jeep trail that will take us back to Reef tank. Steep uphill climb, but the trail was wide and there was no fighting with catclaw here.
On our way back into town we stoped at AZ wilderness because it was fitting and delicious to end the trip drinking a Santa Teresa Enkel. Thanks for indulging me with my AZW cravings :D

Thanks Chumley for putting this together ! I adored this trip and I'm glad everyone came together for it ^^^^
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