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Grand Canyon Backpacking, AZ
mini location map2013-11-15
2 by photographer avatarclairebear
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Grand Canyon Backpacking, AZ 
Grand Canyon Backpacking, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 15 2013
Backpack3 Days         
45 LBS Pack
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1st trip
The canyon is lovely, dark and deep, and I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,... miles to go before I sleep.
So, cheesy old poem refernce keep me awake when I was hiking from phantom ranch to cotton wood.

Ok, so I was really looking forward to this trip that my friend Loni organized, since I have only done one day hike so far in the Grand Crack :)

It turned out to be my friend Loni, LL, and Loni's friends Steve and Carolyn whom I have never met before, but was now about to backpack with for 4 days and three nights ^^^. It was a great group of people, but I think Steve may have apprecieted another dude.

*** The plan was to leave on Thursday after work and stay with our friend LL whose BF Bob has a house in Flagstaff, so that we could leave early on Friday morning. We all left later than planned, ( since we arrived in Flagstaff around midenight the night before.! )

Got to the Grand Canyon sometime that morning and its super cold on the south rim obviously. We took the south kaibab trail into the canyon and set up a nice camp along the stream in Bright Angel campground. Listen to a lecture that night and then I immediently left to grab a brew at the cantina. ~

~ a nice day hike up to check out Utah Flats from our camp. we stashed our things at the ranger station so we did not have to haul it on our hike since we were just gonna leave and hike over to Cottonwood directly afterwords.

** Trip Highlight***

On this morning I was mistaken for a fish scientist at the Cantina. I learned that there were fish scientists to come tackle the overpopulation of invasive trout in the creek. So anyhoo the scientists were basically electrocuting the trout and then smoking them ( and expirementing with different brines lol ) We grabbed some smoked trout from the ranger station and they were very tastly on our break up utah flats!

Later that night.

The walk to Cottonwood felt very long and I was tired. From the trail we could see the lights at the South Rim. I entertained ( tortured) my friends by reciting east coast poetry and song lyrics like Billy Joel and Edgar Allen Poe and the aforementioned Robert Frost Poem. ^^^.


Left Cotton wood to hike back to Bright Angel. Stop off to admire the Ribbon Falls since this is on the way.

*** Highlight of the day ***

My new friend Joe informed me on the Kaibab trail that the cantina would be closing at such and such a time. I decided that since I was out of beer that I would REALLY LIKE A BEER. Therefore all of the sudden a switch was turned on and I booked it back to the phantom ranch, when normally I cannot be too bothered to go fast.
I made it back in record time and had an hour and a half to relax at the cantina with my lager. well ahead of my (non alcohalic ) amigos :P

11/18 we had to pack up and walk out.
The hike up bright angel is brutal! I could have stayed in the canyon for more time~
Going back to civilization is always a rude awakening :(

The smoke fish was lovely *** THANK YOU SCIENTISTIS.
Also, so was the Cantina! A lager never tasted as good as when I was stranded at phantom ranch :)
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