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mini location map2012-04-27
12 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Grant Hill LoopTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 27 2012
Hiking4.50 Miles 200 AEG
Hiking4.50 Miles   3 Hrs   15 Mns   2.70 mph
200 ft AEG   1 Hour   35 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Took off from the Cabin and drove up the Mountain. Skies were clear and it didn't take long for the air to get a little brisk as we climbed higher in elevation. This was the farthest I had ever been up the Swift Trail, since it was closed for the winter halfway up when I was here before. Just a really pretty drive and over the next few days, Chad would be on his game, as a Tour Guide, and show me some pretty cool areas, not only Hiking, but also as we were driving along. (Will do a small Scenic Drive Photoset later).

We do make one stop on the way up, at a big pullout, where the Trail to Ladybug Peak starts. This is a good halfway stopping point to take in the views and also acclimate to the elevation change, as you gain elevation on this drive pretty fast....I've had a few elevation problems before, but nothing serious, so wasn't too worried about becoming actually ill, although I guess apparently that happens to some people. But I'm all for trying to acclimate somewhat, just to prevent or lessen any symptoms I may get....I would think that the combination of fast elevation change, plus the curvy, windy road, could get to a few people.

After a few minutes, we continue on up, with Chad pointing out lots of different POI's and cool places. Make it to the Trailhead, get geared up and are on our way. Beautiful Hike on a good Trail amidst the Pine Trees and Aspens. Most of the Aspens had not actually leafed out yet, so their stark white trunks and branches really contrasted against the rest of the landscape. There is a little elevation gain, but not much, but it didn't seem to matter. ;) Even on level ground, I was feeling a little sluggish from the elevation. Hard to believe how much a little elevation can affect you so drastically, but the Hike was worth it. The Trail takes you to two different Promontory Lookouts and the views from them were fabulous. We took nice breaks at both of these just to soak in the views. On the back side of the Loop, Chad showed me a clearing area where you could look across a large canyon and see Mount Graham, and the most powerful telescope in the world. 8) Got a couple of zoom pics of that and then we finished up the Loop in good time, considering the length of our breaks and the fact that we were both trying to acclimate to the elevation still. I had forgotten that this was Chad's first time up this season as well, so he was having to adjust just a tad too.

This was a great warmup Hike for the main attraction that we were going to do today. We got back to the car, rested a bit, and took off for the next Trailhead!!!

Nice one Chad. Very Scenic, peaceful, and with killer views. Perfect for just about anyone, with the many "bailout" points, allowing you to make it as short or long as you want.... :)
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