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Brown's Peak
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mini location map2012-04-13
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Brown's PeakPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 13 2012
Hiking5.86 Miles 2,382 AEG
Hiking5.86 Miles   6 Hrs      1.47 mph
2,382 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break15 LBS Pack
 no routes
1st trip
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Been wanting to do this one after reading Triplogs and seeing the Photosets. This just looked like my kind of Hike. And since these types of Hikes can be alot of fun with friends, I coaxed Brian and Sam into joining me. They didn't need much convincing... :D

Got an early start from town, but El Oso Road still took longer than I had planned even though it looked like it had been graded since I was at Lone Pine Saddle last. I go in from the Roosevelt side just to be sure my vehicle will make it, and I'm not a fan of really long dirt roads anyway.

Got on Brown's Trail at 7:45 and I knew immediately I was going to have a hard time. For some reason I wasn't feeling well, my legs felt like I had 50 lb weights strapped to my ankles. Didn't really understand it, but I think it was that the Elevation change was hitting me all at once. I felt like a real slug and was getting winded too much right off the bat. I looked at my hands after about 1/2 mile and they were already pretty swollen, so I'm pretty sure the elevation was wreaking some havoc. ;) Need to work on getting some more higher elevation hikes in so I can get a little acclimated I guess. Brian and Sam were very patient...

Enjoyed the views all of the way up to Brown's Saddle and really enjoyed the vistas from there as well. The air was a little Hazy, but not too bad at that point. There was a breeze blowing and I was glad for the light fleece I was wearing. I think Sam was happy that I convinced him to take his light jacket with.:) Apparently, sometimes it is beneficial to have a "girl" on the trip, as skatchkins also pointed out in a recent log... :lol: Brian had brought his portable radio and was happily talking with some of his Ham Radio buddies down below in the Valley....

The view I liked the most was the view of what looked like our Route up to the Peak, which was now very very close. Little did I know that the scrambling I was seeing was just an appetizer.... :GB:

Got moving again after the Photo opportunities were satisfied and started the light scrambling up. We reached a narrow area where we had to boulder over a small chute and then shortly after, arrived at the base of the Chute. We stopped for a few minutes, just to gape at what we were going to have to do. But although it was going to be a challenge, it really looked fun to me. I love this stuff!!!

We got started up the Chute and I think we all figured out that the biggest challenge was going to be dodging the rocks that the people in front of you were dislodging, because some of the rocks kept going for a ways down. You have to give the person in front of you plenty of room so that you have time to react. I made the mistake of tailgating Sam at one point and was very happy to know that my reflexes are still pretty fast. I caught the rock in my left hand just before it smacked me in the face.... :sweat: I give thanks for all of the years of playing First Base.... :D Later on while still in the Chute, I sent down a pretty large rock that the guys had to really watch out for.... :o

We got up the Chute to the small saddle. It's deceiving when you're in the Chute, because you see daylight at the top and think when you get there, you're on top. Well, no, not quite. You end up on a tiny saddle and when you look to the left you realize that you have about another 100 feet to go up. I found a Route up after a couple of Photo Ops and we got to the Peak in short order. :y:

Spent quite a bit of time on the Peak, taking pictures, having a bite to eat, soaking in the views and playing with a Squirrel that decided he liked Chocolate Chip Cookie crumbs. I made sure there was no Chocolate in my offerings. I'm not a big fan of "feeding" the Wildlife, but I wanted to see just how brave this little guy was. He really wanted to see what Brian had in his pack and I think if Brian hadn't been standing where he was the whole time, that Squirrel would have invaded it. He was really cute. :kf: There was another Squirrel up there as well, but I only saw him for a minute or so, as he decided to be anti-social. Brian was having alot of fun with his Radio and it seems like it would be a good tool to have, as our Cell Phone coverage was poor to nonexistent. He could even use the Radio like a phone up there. :) I was very surprised in the fact that I could not find a Benchmark or a Summit Log up there anywhere. I looked really hard both in the area where we topped out next to the Peak and at the Peak itself. I did find an area on the Peak that looked like it was freshly disturbed and there was a hole of some kind there. Is the Benchmark missing???? No Log, really???

Decided to head down and I knew the Chute would be rougher going down, than coming up, as is just about always the case. And it was, but we still made good time, even with dodging a rock or two. By the time we hit the bottom of the Chute, the wind had really picked up and was howling up through the slot area that we were still in. We were glad at that point to not be on top, although on our way down, we ran into 3 other Hikers who were on their way up. We ran into two more of their party further down who had elected to not Summit this time due to physical limitations. Took a small break and then got down to the Saddle and took a few more pics as the Clouds were really putting on a show by this time.

Got to the north Junction with Amethyst Trail and took it instead of continuing back on Brown's. We had decided pretrip to do the Loop and take the Amethyst down to the Four Peaks Trail and take that back to the Lone Pine Saddle. The last time I was on the Four Peaks Trail at this last section, it was dark, so I only got to see that portion of the Trail by flashlight and was looking forward to seeing it during the daylight hours. I've always enjoyed Loops more anyway, just for the change of scenery....

This ended up almost being a very time consuming mistake. Although the Amethyst Trail was well defined the first 10th of a mile or so, after that, don't even attempt it without a GPS. :o We almost had to double back up to the Brown's Trail. This Trail is nonexistent in places and in others, you have to bushwack quite a bit, just to find it and in some cases, just to stay on it. It was brutally apparent that this Trail has not had any maintenance in quite a very long time. Much worse than anything I had run into on the Four Peaks Trail, in the trip prior to this one. At least with the Four Peaks Trail, the Trail stayed defined enough to follow. No such luck on this Trail. If Brian hadn't pulled out the GPS, the Route finding would have been horrid and possibly not successful at all. Even with the GPS, it wasn't that easy. Luckily, none of us had worn shorts on this Trip. Wow! We finally intersected with the Four Peaks Trail and it was much easier and we made good time back to the car.

Even with the small fiasco of Amethyst Trail, it was an awesome Hike, made even better with good company. :) A big Thanks to Brian and Sam for making it another very cool, memorable trip. : app :
Gooding's Verbena
Rock Squirrel
Throwing a Wendy
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Light

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Amethyst West Drainage at Trail #130 Light flow Light flow
Small Water Flow over the Four Peaks Trail in two different spots between the Junction with Amethyst Trail and our arrival at Lone Pine TH. Both areas were small drainage areas coming down the Canyon and were fairly close together. Small pools also noted in these areas.
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