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mini location map2013-02-08
9 by photographer avatarHippy
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Three SistersPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 08 2013
Hiking7.70 Miles 2,700 AEG
Hiking7.70 Miles
2,700 ft AEG
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Ladies and gentlemen...I did it, it was fun, I did this in a sort of loop, started at Carney TH bounced out to ye ol' Wave Cave then scrambled happily above the cave and north along the ravine toward the Ridgeline trail :y:

First off, awesome area! Great views! Beautiful surroundings! I was in absolute Hippy heaven!

Somewhere above the cave, maybe a mile or so after, I was singing "we built this city..." As I crossed this little ledge, shelf thing, apparently something on the shelf above me didn't appreciate my singing, whatever it was darted away and handfuls of scree came raining down on my head! Naturally I ducked down into a crouch...and forgot my ledge had a slight dip in it, my feet went out from under and I slid over the side of the ledge down a little cliff at least 6 feet, probably close to ten because I wasn't able to climb back up. I looked around and realized I lost my "trail" in the fall...Ah crap...

Then I felt something warm and wet on my left leg...I glanced down expecting the worst but I didn't expect to see my left leg thrust knee deep in the putrid, skattered carcass of a bighorn sheep!
I was up in an instant, snapped a few photos, lifted half of the skull, damn that's heavy! Then I saw the teeth marks...oh god! And now I smell like lion food!!
All alone, well off trail, covered in death juices...tarzan swinging' AWESOME!!

I wanted adventure! The Supes never disappoint.

Anyhow, I was too far to turn back to the Wave Cave trail so I sucked up my fear of being a tiny chunk of kitty food and proceeded up the side of the three sisters. I did find a little spring along the way and I did the best I could to wash the guts off my leg. I armed myself with a sturdy agave "sword" and plowed on.
About half an hour later I spotted Weavers Needle I knew I'd hit the ridgeline trail within minutes.
My adrenaline still had me imagining lions behind every rock so I shouted and howled and sang bad 80s songs at the top of my lungs, nothing would mess with that!
Found the trail, raced to carney spring, washed up again and made it almost to the trailhead when I ran into a guy from Portland, I must have looked as scared as I felt because he kept offering food and water, I was glad to not be alone anymore!!

Made it to the suby, stopped for a pizza then swung by Chumley's to scrub the dead carcass juices off in his shower. :whistle:

Awesome adventure, scared myself with good reason, real nice area to bushwhack through! I'll go back someday...just not alone! SITS (solo in the supes)t
can be creepy! :D
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