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Weaver's - Base of the Needle
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mini location map2013-02-01
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Weaver's - Base of the NeedlePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 01 2013
Hiking8.00 Miles 2,400 AEG
Hiking8.00 Miles
2,400 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I'd been itchin to get to the Needle for a while, never actually been right up on it like that, it was a blast.
Devil's Mountain and Vancar seemed to possibly have had preconceived presumptions about this little Hippy. Those were quickly squashed by their own cries of "This chick is nuts!"

Peralta was nice, I realized going UP the trail I'd only ever hiked DOWN that trail! So I'd never seen that little cave before, of course I dove into it without a second thought and Mike had to follow. It was nice, muddy, musty and humid, very fun, goes back aways, I might have to convince some of the boys to play around out there one day with me and see how far back it goes.

Once we hit Fremont the Needle loomed ahead and I gasped with delight and of course we quickened our pace after a 30 second snack and drink break.

The water was still flowing something vicious, there were actual POOLS of water all along the trail and at some points the trail was a tiny "waterfall" to splash through.
I can only wish I had seen it all last week! I envy those of you that were in the "flood" :D

Oddly enough I'd forgotten everything until we were angling UP and my eyes followed the cairns and I realized...."Holy shit...I'm at the base of the Needle!" Somewhere in there Van took a picture and I have HUGE 9L grin, I could've cried, I know, I'm ridiculous, but I love The Needle!

Mike and I went gallavanting around the shelves along the west side and found an old dynamite cave, possibly one of those rumoured to be from Marie Jones back in the day, there were a few others on the south and east sides, none on the north, cartwheels ensued.

We eventually went back to join Van near the climbing route and in just a few moments we headed UP. I figured we'd just dilly dally at the bottom, then my crazy Hippy eyes saw what to my small stature were EASILY "stairs" leading up to the left of the technical climbing route...uh huh, I was up in a flash, slow and steady of course, safety first, testing each rock for stability yadda yadda yadda....but I just kept going, my adrenaline was full force and that 9L grin was not to be beat! Not even by 9L himself! I was on cloud nine!

At one point I looked down and realized Devil's Mountain and stopped following...I also realized how far up I'd gotten, this is so possible! If Only I'd had a bit more courage and a backup plan to get down (ropes!) I COULD have climbed all the way up to the chockstone, up and over! But, alas, the way I was able to climb UP would not allow me a safe route down as well, so I made a smart decision to head back down after a victory rest.

The three of us snacked and headed to the south side along the base of the Needle, we almost circumnavigated the whole beautiful thing but it might be easier to attempt heading clockwise from the west face due to the "cliff outs" along the North shelf (the Eagle Head rock that points to Battleship).
We abandoned the north shelf and went west toward Peralta where I decided to stick to the water route while Van and Mike hopped hoodoos.
I spotted a little herd of javelina faaar faaar away and got all giddy and decided to stay out of the ravine and bushes and hop hoodoos myself. I thought I'd catch right up with them, turns out they were well behind me and on a complete different set of hoodoos :lol:
Oh well, somewhere near the "RIVER" we all spotted eachother and reconvened somewhere around the place we'd originally left Peralta Trail. Somewhere in there I crawled on my belly under a bush, because I was following a game trail, the thorns caught my face and tore a nice hole in the side of my nose. Classic!

We hauled back along Peralta stopping only for a group photo at Fremont...the only thing I remember about the ride back was McDonald's french fries and me thinking "Oh man, I want pizza!"

Thanks Van and Mike, great to meet you two, had a blast, can't wait for the next adventure, we'll have to bring "My Boys" next time!! :y:
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