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Willow Springs Lake Snowshoe, AZ
mini location map2013-02-18
12 by photographer avatarHippy
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Willow Springs Lake Snowshoe, AZ 
Willow Springs Lake Snowshoe, AZ
Snowshoeing avatar Feb 18 2013
Snowshoeing4.44 Miles 200 AEG
Snowshoeing4.44 Miles   4 Hrs   7 Mns   1.51 mph
200 ft AEG   1 Hour   10 Mns Break
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1st trip
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Somehow I managed to get a monday off so Chumley decided to skip work and celebrate the "Holiday" by having an adventure of some sort, "What kind of gear do you have in the suby" he asked, "Every kind I could possibly need!" Was my answer, so we ended up having a Snow Day thanks to my arsenal of snow gear in the cargo hold!

I was not entirely comfortable with this whole "walking on ice" thing, snow? Sure no problem....but a frozen lake? I've heard so many horror stories and seen so many awful movies, I trusted our local Norwegian to know what he was doing and was almost certain he wouldn't let me fall through the ice and freeze to death... :pray:

We crossed the lake after poking around an old ice fishing hole and played in the snow, I was mesmerized by the various "types" of snow, crusty snow, soft snow, hard snow, snowman snow, snowball snow...we desert rats might be missing something!

Chumley led the way toward the dam when I said I was hungry, we had planned on a nice lunch near the dam when we spotted a "floating" dock in the middle of the lake, pfft! Of course that's perfect! It had frozen still at a nice, innocent slant and was perfect to sprawl out on and enjoy our subs and a "Snow Day" or two or eight...

I briefly enjoyed sliding and cartwheeling and running across the frozen lake before I actually ate then Chums decided to amuse himself by 'writing" in the snow on the lake which made everything shift, including the nice safe dock I was standing on... :o

Pretty sure I hugged the deck for a good ten minutes before he had to coax me into my snowshoes and walk me back to shore before I calmed down, classic!
Within a few minutes of walking back on solid snow I realized how exhausted that little fright had gotten me so we aimed back for the truck and of course I had to "conquer" my ridiculous fear so I suggested we cross the frozen lake again : rambo : much easier when you know what to expect and how it all works really.

Once back at the truck I played in the snow some more and even built a tiny snowman, then we loaded up and headed for the Rim, oh my gosh what a view, I could've sat there for days staring at all the familiar landmarks and mountain ranges!

I truly enjoyed this snow day and my toes never even got cold! I almost feel a bit sad to think that summer is coming and we'll run out of snow soon...what sort of desert rat am I?! :D
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