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mini location map2013-02-24
2 by photographer avatarwritelots
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Cody Trail #9Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 24 2013
Hiking8.92 Miles 1,473 AEG
Hiking8.92 Miles   3 Hrs   21 Mns   2.66 mph
1,473 ft AEG
1st trip
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So, not exactly what we were expecting to do... I'd listed this with the ABC as a day hike to complete AZT #13 - Oracle. However, we were a bit kerflummexed from the start because there was a big group of javelina hunters at the trailhead. Of course, that really isn't an excuse, just like the fact that it was snowing on and off isn't, and the fact that we all seemed to be pretty stupid together. But, regardless of a good reason...

We all 4 of us went the wrong way at the start. Rather than beginning the trail heading east toward Oracle State Park, we started West, toward the Oracle Ridge Trail. Yes, we walked right under the sign that said "Santa Catalina Passage Dedicated...". And, true, we climbed a lot more than we'd expected. We even failed to notice that we never passed a boundary for the State Park. I even checked the GPS route I'd downloaded a couple times - deciding that I'd just downloaded the wrong file somehow - it was nowhere near where we were hiking! How irritating :sl: .

About 3 miles in we hit a trail junction, and my GPS showed two clear options: uphill and downhill. This route certainly wasn't supposed to take us up to the mountain, so logically we followed it downhill. We happily hiked along, amid the snowdrifts and wind-blasts. The wind was strong and bitterly COLD, so we kept our heads down and just hiked pretty quick. There wasn't a whole lot of sight seeing or debating about where we were going.

I suppose all of this explains why it wasn't until we hit the Cody Loop road at approx. 6 miles in that we realized our mistake. We were in completely the wrong place. Our shuttle vehicles (at the Tiger Mine Trailhead) were still about 6 miles away by road-walk. :yuck: Amid all of our feeling-stupid and embarassment we came up with a better option, though. Return to our cars at the American Flag trailhead via some dirt roads and little back-tracking on the trail we'd come out.

Turned out to be a half-decent little hike afterall, a good work out, pretty hiking and only a little over a mile on pavement. We got back to our cars with little other incident - other than our encounter with some extremely polite horsemen who, thinking we were quite lost, offered to escort us back to the trailhead. Sandy thanked them politely and assured them that we had it all figured out so we went on our way.

I can't help but wonder, now, what that AZT Passage 13 is like... Maybe another cold, windy day I'll find out :oplz:
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