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Reavis Ranch via 109 North
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mini location map2012-11-09
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Reavis Ranch via 109 NorthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 09 2012
Backpack19.30 Miles 2,824 AEG
Backpack19.30 Miles2 Days   3 Hrs   15 Mns   
2,824 ft AEG1 Day   21 Hrs    Break44 LBS Pack
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HAZ - Event
An Epic Hippy HAZFest!

Awesome group of people! Great times! Fantastic food and drink!

The first 8 people arrived in three vehicles and set out by 9am Friday. It had rained overnight and the clouds looked occasionally ominous, but the entire hike in was dry and pleasant. The afternoon was actually beautiful and warm, allowing us all to get set up and gather firewood in preparation for chillier and wetter weather to come.

When we arrived in the valley we encountered a handful of people who had set up camp near the old corral and farming equipment. We introduced ourselves and learned that they would be there with an increasingly large group to celebrate their annual Thanksgiving In The Superstitions weekend, which they commonly referred to by it's acronym.

Oh, and they had a goat. Winston is about 14 months old and is a South African Boer Goat. Just in case you are looking for one for yourself. His breed is by far the most common for delicious meat, but Winston is a beloved pet, and not on the menu!

Then there was Bluebird, a survivalist guy who slept in a pile of grass and leaves and dried his underwear over the fire while cooking turkey. He made all of his own equipment including an impressive woven backpack, as well as various bowls and utensils for eating.

A trio of hikers on a father-son bonding weekend were scoping out our campsite just as we arrived, but 9L and I managed to give them dirty looks and chased them further down valley. They probably didn't realize it at the time, but this was the best decision they made all weekend.

In the afternoon, we set up camp and I dragged a bunch of trees into camp to make sure we wouldn't run out of firewood later that night. We also explored the adjacent orchard, where there were still tons of apples. The result of gorging bears was everywhere. Those creatures can drop some impressive poops! We didn't actually see a bear, but there were plenty of signs they were there at the same time we were, with fresh signs easily seen after the rain and snow we experienced.

As darkness began to set in, te-wa and Fan arrived, followed a bit later by nonot. It had been crazy windy all day, and despite crystal clear skies, I promised the doubters that rain would still be part of our night, and sure enough some nuisance showers began around 8. By 10, the nuisance became a deluge and most of us gave up and headed for tents by 10:30. It poured all night. Everytime I woke up, I could hear it on the tent. At one point, I awoke to a strangely different sound on the tent, and just minutes later it changed to near silence. The transition from rain to snow was complete. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep!

Saturday morning was cold and very wet. It had clearly rained more than 1" and everything was a mess. The fire was soaked, and there wasn't anything remotely dry to try to start a fire with. I tried to scrape bark off the underside of dead trees but even that was wet. I think people worked for a couple of hours on the fire until nonot got up and managed to get it going. We burned that fire all day long. Despite a mostly sunny sky, I doubt it was over 45 all day.

We could see accumulated snow up on the surrounding hills and a group headed for Circlestone. During that time, notjulia and tim showed up along with jonnybackpack, slimms, and one other. Plus a couple of stragglers that had tried to brave the rain the night before finally arrived, a little tired and waterlogged.

With everybody finally in camp, the party really began. Our neighbors had finished up their Thanksgiving dinner, and invited us over to make sure they didn't have to carry anything back out with them. You know there was a lot of food when we were all able to have multiple helpings of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cornbread, lobster mac n cheese, bacon and stringbeans, and a few other fixins -- after their group of about 20 had already eaten! Needless to say, I carried an uneaten bag of mountain house back out with me!

Shortly before sunset, it began to snow lightly, and after dark a bit more heavily. It was beautiful and peaceful. Laying in the meadow, catching snowflakes on my tongue just like a little kid. Or just unable to stand on my own anymore? Whatever, it was awesome. Shortly thereafter, I became a public nuisance and was forcibly put to bed. :zzz: That was probably for the best. :guilty:

When I awoke, it was 3am and nobody was up. I decided to throw some extra wood on the fire to make sure it would still be burning in the morning. There were 3 people sleeping around the fire and of course my stirring woke them up and we chatted for about half an hour (waking most everybody else up too) before I grabbed my sleeping bag and curled up next to the fire too.

Sunday morning everything was coated with ice. The fire was nice and people slowly got up and performed their morning routines. Hippy took off on her gimpy ankle at about 7:30, knowing it would take her longer to hike out than most others. I waited until I was able to melt the ice off my tent in order to get it packed up.

The hike out was in absolutely perfect conditions. Sunny, breezy, crystal clear skies and awesome views of the Supes. It would be cold if not for the hiking, but I did it in shorts and short sleeves happily, despite being below 50 for the duration. I made great time and got out in about 2:50, stopping only for 5 minutes to politely explain to a couple of mountain bikers the rules of wilderness areas. (They didn't see any of the 4 signs at the trailhead that said no bikes... ](*,) )

Most everybody got back to the trailhead over the next hour or so and we headed to the Handlebar in AJ, which we learned does not serve food on Sunday or Monday. With craft beer the deciding factor, we drove to Tempe and had lunch at Boulders. Sunday is all you can eat pizza for $7. squatpuke is no longer allowed in the establishment. :o

Needless to say, despite my lengthy attempt here, this was truly an indescribably fun weekend and one that we will certainly try to duplicate again! Thanks to hippy for planning, and to everybody who joined us!

In: 9.65miles, 3:45, 2.6mph
Out: 9.68miles, 2:50, 3.4mph

And now to John for Sports....
Camp-fire Cartwheel
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Named place
Reavis Ranch
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