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Peak 4102 via Monument Canyon Ridge, AZ
mini location map2013-12-02
18 by photographer avatarvanman
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Peak 4102 via Monument Canyon Ridge, AZ 
Peak 4102 via Monument Canyon Ridge, AZ
Canyoneering avatar Dec 02 2013
Canyoneering7.50 Miles 1,700 AEG
Canyoneering7.50 Miles   7 Hrs   15 Mns   1.25 mph
1,700 ft AEG   1 Hour   15 Mns Break
 no routes
1st trip
Ever since Mike and I went up to the Ridgeline via the Monument Canyon Gap, I've been intriqued by peak 4102 which sits on the SE corner of the cliff band. I took a less-direct approach leaving Broadway TH and worked east below the Broadway Cave and around the back. It was rocky and full of cholla, so the going was slow. Once around back I got on a nice scree pile leading a good way up to the ridge. Once on the ridge the going was much quicker and the views were sweet!

I went around the east side of 4102 and had hoped to climb up to its ridge, but I felt pressed for time and with all the loose rock and nothing to catch a fall, I decided to play it safe. I explored and took some pix, then bailed down a drainage that went to the west fork of Hog Canyon. It was a long hike out and I got back to the car with just over an hour of daylight left.

It was a tough off-trail adventure but my curiosity is satisfied (at least for now). One day I'll go back and get on that little ridge!

Note: Distance and AEG are estimates.

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