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East Webber via GeronimoPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 12 2013
Hiking11.32 Miles 2,041 AEG
Hiking11.32 Miles
2,041 ft AEG
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Hank and I both wanted to get all the way out to the spring at the end of East Webber. The only problem, though, is that the last stretch of trail has been overgrown and mostly gone for a few years since the boyscouts have stopped doing maintenance that far-- they seem to be putting all their efforts into finishing the Rimview Trail.

We got an early start and hit the trails. On the drive up, I had begun to hope the berries were in season and ready to eat but was disappointed that the ones close to the trailhead were still green. Luckily further down the trail, they were perfect for eating and we got free snacks all day long.

We made pretty good time on the dull stretch that takes you past the boyscout camp and made our way to the East Webber Trail. Once hitting the lush area, we quickly saw something interesting. The boyscouts are re-routing the Rimview Trail. It used to begin much further down the East Webber Trail. They have a new sign up but it warns hikers that it is under construction and not to use it. 9L and I had taken the Rimview last year from its original starting point so I knew that the stretch closest to the Highline was well maintained but near East Webber it is a mess. I look forward to them finishing the new route and can't wait to explore it on another hike. This new East Webber-Highline Loop is going to be a fantastic new option.

Hank and I eventually made it to the old East Webber / Rimview junction. This is where we knew the going would get tough. Instantly, the trail is swallowed up. We slowly made our way through the brush-- avoiding sharp blackberry bushes and looking for old wood-cuts. We looked for any signs of old trail. There were sections where the old trail was easy to follow but those would soon disappear and we'd work to find the route again. The most important thing to watch out for is the big drainage that comes in from the right-- you don't want to accidentally follow that one.

Well, we made it to the spring. Its a beautiful area and well worth the effort. We stopped and ate lunch to refuel. Bad weather started looming in the distance so we decided to head back and hopefully we'd be done bushwacking before we got rained on. The rain hit just before we found easy trail again so our timing was good. We quickly headed back to the trailhead. Small bits or lightning was a little unsettling but I don't think anything was too close. It was mostly the mud that became an issue-- the kind that sticks to your boots and weighs you down. The rain stopped and we made it back to the trailhead. It was a great hike and hopefully the first of many with Hank-- I think that new Rimview is definitely going to be in the future sometime :)
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East Webber Creek
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