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mini location map2010-10-10
15 by photographer avatarDarthStiller
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East Webber via GeronimoPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 10 2010
Hiking9.70 Miles 1,986 AEG
Hiking9.70 Miles   4 Hrs   14 Mns   2.29 mph
1,986 ft AEG
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Got started at about 7:40am. Temps were fairly cool in the morning and remained cool as I gained elevation and hit some breezes. My back was still a bit sore, but not so bad that I couldn't hike. most importantly, it didn't get worse the longer I hiked. By the end, I had gained some speed and got a better range of motion in my gait, with less of a noticable limp ( I think, anyway).

Along the East Webber Trail right around where the jeep road narrows to a single track I saw some elk. Looked like 4 cows and 2 bulls. I heard the bulls calling before they crossed the trail. I was whistling back at them trying to imitate their calls. I did this twice and eat time got an immediate call back from them, so I decided to stop doing that. The crossed the trail about a hundred feet in front of me and then veered to their left and walked past me. Got a couple decent shots, but nothing spectacular.

At the upper end, the trail gets way overgrown with what seems to be maybe raspberry. Definitely long and viny with a lot of thorns. I gave up about a quarter mile short of Joe's gps route. There was a slightly discernable "trail", but it was a total bushwhack and very slow going. Just before this section right after the last stream crossing, there is a knocked over trail marker that indicates the Webber Trail and the BSA Trail - Rim View. The BSA Trail was marked with orange ribbons. I followed this trail for a bit before turning back and trying to see if I could find the "real" trail. The East Webber Trail past this had one more metal green and yellow marker, but the trail is a total disaster. Following the BSA Trail is still a bit of a bushwhack, but much better than the East Webber. I would recommend anyone getting this far to just take the BSA Trail to the Rim and follow the orange ribbons from this point. The BSA Trail also had a lot of bear and elk scat all around it (or maybe it was routed thru a bunch of that stuff). Looks like a fertile hunting area up there.

On the way back, I found that some horseriders were behind be and had turned back before me, leaving quite a mess for me to step over for about 2 miles. Not sure where they got off the trail, but I was glad they didn't take it the whole way back to the Geronimo TH.
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Named place
East Webber Creek
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