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29 by photographer avatarTough_Boots
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East Webber via GeronimoPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 08 2010
Hiking11.00 Miles 1,750 AEG
Hiking11.00 Miles   4 Hrs      2.75 mph
1,750 ft AEG
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I think I'll definitely try this trail again. East Webber is a beautiful trail-- fun water crossings and about as lush as it gets in AZ. I should have worn pants, though. The trail is getting pretty overgrown with very sharp plants-- raspberry! Sharp enough to cut but not ripe enough to east. This must be a delicious trail at the right time of year. I also surprised an elk at Webber Creek with an impressive set of antler. Geronimo trail is nice, too. I don't mind hiking on jeep road and there were amazing views of the rim.

Speaking of overgrown, I didn't make it to Webber Spring. About 4.3 miles into the hike, the trail just kind of disappears into growth. There were a couple "maybe" spots but my legs were already cut up enough. I started to just hike up the creek itself, but I just wasn't feelin' it. Luckily this was very near another signed trail-- BSA Rim View. I figured I'd check this one out. I took it for a half mile and ascended about 400 feet via Boy Scout made switch backs marked with orange tape. Some parts were easy to follow and others were like playing connect the dots-- just look for a tree with orange tape higher up. Based on an amazing amount of scat, this trail gets a lot more animal use than human. I made it through the pines and into a small clearing just before an area of NM locust and manzanita growth. It looks like the trail leads all the way up via cairns but whenever I follow a faint trail into an area like that-- I end of lost for a while. Also, as soon as I passed the first cairn, I came about as close as humanly possible to stepping on a rattlesnake. I took this as an omen to play it safe. I did some fancy dancing to get out of that one. Maybe I'll try this one again someday with a partner. I also came across some huge scat on the way back down that wasn't there on the way up-- looks like everyone was out today.

I came back down to the Geronimo trail and took the Turkey out to the wooden bathtub cuz I just wanted to check it out. I missed a turn on the way back-- of course it was the one I made a special mental note of and ended up at the BSA Camp. I didn't mind-- I wandered around for a minute and headed back. There are also two other large camps set up in eye view of the Geronimo. I'm not sure if they are being used right now but there's about a half dozen green tents set up out there (like the oldschool military ones in MASH). I'm not exactly sure what they're for. The BSA camp has permanent structures but maybe they don't use those anymore.
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East Webber Creek Mogollon Rim
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