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Rim View Loop, AZ
mini location map2013-10-18
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Rim View Loop, AZ 
Rim View Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 18 2013
Hiking8.50 Miles 2,114 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles
2,114 ft AEG
1st trip
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Back in July, Hank and I bushwacked out to East Webber spring. On the way, we saw that the boyscouts re-routed the Rim View but had not yet finished it. They actually hung caution tape across the trail-- so of course, we've been wanting to get back and check it out.

This was a good day to do it-- we thought it might be a good time to catch some fall colors, too. Being tired of hiking that boring Geronimo Trail at the beginning, Hank had the good idea that we should try to bypass it. Another HAZ member had posted a track to East Webber that included a route that skirted the boyscout camp to the east so we thought we would try something similar.

We left the TH and headed east on the Highline until we reached a spur trail going towards the camp heading north. As the trail began to head east we left the trail, headed cross country, dropped into a ravine for a bit and then crossed above to the next ridge. We ran into an old logging road and followed that for a bit. We reached a point where the maps on Hank's GPS showed the road heading uphill following a water pipe northwest up a steep and choked drainage. The track that the other HAZ member had made also followed the pipe. But it seemed that the road headed due north. Not knowing exactly where the road headed, we followed the GPS. That was a total mess. We reached the top and hit the road-- yes that same road :D . I followed it down to make sure it was the same so that we could eventually make a nice track.

The road took us to the well-house that pumps water down to the boyscout camp. At this point we would need to start skirting the private land. We located the fence line and luckily there is a worn path on the public side. To our surprise, that path turns into a full-blown trail complete with vegetation information signs. We would later realize that this is the Lower Miller Trail which follows along East Webber Creek. The trail all of the sudden begins to head up and away from the creek so we took a spur trail down and across the creek. Now we would begin our bushwack to the East Webber Trail. Its not too bad and we made it to the trail fairly quickly and came out close to the Geronimo intersection. We headed to the new Rim View intersection and stopped for lunch before heading off to the unknown.

The new reroute takes off quickly across the creek and you begin ascending gradually. It soon becomes steeper and steeper and steeper. The trail is mostly obvious for a while and there are usually ribbons to keep you on track-- though there are a few spots where you really have to scan to find the ribbons. There is also one unexpected and challenging little climb up a rock schute.

Then the trail all of the sudden seemed to end and we were a couple hundred feet below where we would need to be to connect with the finished trail that I had been on with 9L a while back. We scanned around for ribbons and couldn't find any. We pushed on and soon saw that going across the next ravine would not be possible-- so we headed straight up. It was steep but a doable bushwack and we hit trail.

I thought at first that I had already reached my and 9L's route from before because the trail was clear and flagged in both directions but Hank pointed out that we were still lower than the old route. Hank and I must have missed a connection and later regretted not hiking down to see where it led. Its possible that 9L and I had been bushwacking at that point and taken it too high. From that point on, the trail would once again be easy to follow-- marked with flags and poles.

We then came across a sign for the Lower Miller Trail which heads straight downhill. Looking at my GPS, I saw that we were directly above where we left the trail paralleling the boyscout fence line and thought they must be the same trail-- this was later verified by a boyscout group backpacking on the Highline. We then took the trail all the way to the Highline and headed back to the trailhead.

The Rim View Trail had some wonderful fall color and opens up to some big views taking you under interesting rock spires. Its definitely worth doing a few times and I hope it starts getting some use. The route we took really exposed us to some new trails and I can't wait to go back with new loop ideas incorporating the Lower Miller Trail.

Its exciting when you think you've completely explored an area and it suddenly becomes bigger. This will be my last trip there this year but I can't wait to go back in the spring. Thanks to Hank for the hike and a great new route.

linked GPS route is edited and cleaned up.
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Named place
East Webber Creek
Autumn - Color Foliage
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