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Carr Peak - Sierra Ancha, AZ
mini location map2014-08-21
40 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Carr Peak - Sierra Ancha, AZ 
Carr Peak - Sierra Ancha, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 21 2014
Hiking5.90 Miles 1,768 AEG
Hiking5.90 Miles   5 Hrs   44 Mns   1.08 mph
1,768 ft AEG      15 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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We'd already had hiking days of warm & sunny... rain all day... as well as a bit warmer & sunny, so day 4 of our Sierra Ancha hiking/camping trip just had to be different, and it was... perfect temps albeit with overcast skies. Oh well, at least there will be scenic views to be had so this was to be our day to scale Carr Peak.

Starting from Carr TH is beginning to bring a familiarity, having already traversed the first part of Trail 139 five times in the last few weeks and it will be seven by the end of the day.

Continuing on Trail 160 as we began the climb to the ridge Tracey yells out Mark! Rattlesnake! And it seems there was an Arizona Black Rattlesnake next to the trail. Of course, I was so busy trimming the thorny brush overhanging the trail I had stepped within inches of it and never knew it. Yup, Tracey always manages to pick out the things I miss. By time I realized what she was saying and where the rattler was, it was too late to take a photo, let alone a video... it slid down into the rocks and no amount of rock lifting (no, not by hand, with my hiking pole) brought it back into sight. Oh well, we've got a peak to climb...

At the ridge we made almost a 180° turn to the right and began the ascent on the southern slope of Carr Peak. Again we were a bit surprised by the relative ease of the climb... certainly not due to the steep 1 foot up for each 4 feet forward slope, but by what certainly used to be an actual trail to the summit, albeit in somewhat dis-repair. But at least it provided a path through the brush... yes, this was manzanita elevation after all.

The summit was pretty flat so I had to wander a bit to have good pics for the 360 panorama. We had our PB&J on the summit and I took the usual 360 pan video (still needs editing before posting) and headed to a flat ridge north and slightly below the summit to check out the views in that direction.

Good thing we did, and good thing we wandered a bit... Just about to turn back something caught my eye between overlapping branches of the pine trees so I moved to get a better look. Sure, enough, there was something of interest, another Salado ruin site. AS many times as I'd been in the Sierra Ancha and as many sites (Coon Creek, Devils Chasm, Cold Spring, Pueblo Canyon, etc.) and I even have the book Echoes in the Canyons, I was not aware of this site, which I would later find out to be designated V:1:133.
Hmmph... learn something new every day.

We took a number of photos of the ruins site, dropped down as far as we dared for some closer shots to determine exactly where they were before we climbed back up and made a wide arc around the headed around the north and western slopes of Carr Peak.

As we dropped down the western slope we sought out an old out-of-use trail that would bring us past the saddle between Carr Peak and Carr Mountain and back down to Trail 160 on the southern ridge. We did catch the upper end of the trail but we did connect with it and again it made the descent just a bit easier than the pick-and-choose route we had been following.

With the large amount of tree-fall over the years in many spots the trail was impassable and after some of the necessarily wide detours we had to hunt around to pick up the trail again. A few times we got off track by catching deer/elk trails after the detour instead, which meant we would have to backtrack a few times.

Back at the ridge we were entertained by a horned lizard while we ate our PB&J lunch. It topped off a very enjoyable hike along with silence punctuated every once in a while by a jay, or a light breeze whistling through the pines.

Ok, time to head back so we could go check out where the ruins were, which we believed were just above FR487 by Workman Creek Falls. No rattler on the return trip, I looked...

I only posted 30 of the 58 photos on HAZ, the rest are on my website s usual.

Carr Peak summit panorama video:

Horned Lizard video:
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