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mini location map2014-11-07
23 by photographer avatarcdeperro
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Palm Canyon - KOFASouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 07 2014
Hiking1.37 Miles 419 AEG
Hiking1.37 Miles
419 ft AEG
1st trip
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Well thought it was about time I did this one. I took advantage of a conference I was attending in Yuma to divert my drive back to Phoenix up 95 and into Kofa. A coworker, also a hiker, came with me, and we were the only two there late afternoon on a Friday.

The hike really is straightforward unless you want to hike UP to the palms, which we did (just about). We started the hike late, and got up quite high, but the rock was very loose and we thought, well we saw the palms from below and they're just palms LOL. I do recommend a hiking pole. We tried the route to the right (thanks @chumley) and it was walkable with a few hand holds needed.

With that, we turned around and finished. Great weather!. If we had been an hour earlier the light would have been perfect to see the palms in the sun. See my pics.

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