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Whitewater Draw, AZ
mini location map2014-12-24
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Whitewater Draw, AZ 
Whitewater Draw, AZ
Birding avatar Dec 24 2014
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Birding4.00 Miles
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More from my Road Trip over Christmas. After I hiked Picacho Peak Christmas Eve, I headed for the Draw, stopping briefly with the Promise of a Sunset. After a Fuel Fiasco in Sunsites, I finally made the Draw around 9:00 P.M. and got settled. I would spend 3 Nights and 2 Days here...I was slightly dismayed when I arrived, because I couldn't hear the Sandhill Cranes like I did last time I was here, and it made me wonder if my Sources were mistaken and the Masses weren't here yet. :o I found out about the lack of Noise the next morning...

Christmas Day...Woke up before Dawn and it was pretty cold, but I was determined to see the Cranes leave on their Daily Trip to the Fields...Got out to the Ponds and realized why it was so Quiet the Night before...There was a Massive Amount of Water this time around...Later, Friends would tell me it's the most Water they've ever seen there. Because of that, the Cranes were way, way out there, on the Northern and Western Edges and way out of reach of my Camera for the most Part. I got lucky over the 2 Days I spent there and some came in closer, but not like the last Trip...So my Camera was stretched to the Limit most of the Time. :sweat:

There were Clouds on the Horizon to the East and it didn't look like there would be much of a Sunrise, but I tried to stay Optimistic and found a Spot to watch it anyway...Mother Nature rewarded my Optimism for about 50 Seconds. It was a great Christmas Present. :y: After the Cranes left, I hung out for awhile longer, taking in some incredible Views with some pretty cool Clouds...Little did I know at the Time that a Storm was coming. Did some Birding as well, but the Light was making it tough to get decent, noise free Shots.

It started to get Windy and I went back to the Vehicle to take a Break for awhile...Late Morning, the Cranes started coming back in, so out I went, having a little better luck with Photos. By now, the Wind was really picking up and continuing to get worse and worse. By mid-afternoon, it was a sustained 50 MPH with higher Gusts...Took another Break mid-afternoon and after finding out about the Storm that was going to dump some Rain and possibly even some Snow on me, I got out the Tarp and tried to Weatherproof my Gear. Not easy to get that Tarp tied down in the Wind! Went out again, late afternoon and stayed out until Sunset...It was a pretty good Day, but the Wind really wore me down and I was pretty done at the End of the Day!

The Wind howled pretty good that Night, but about the Time the Rain started, the Wind had finally died down, about 3:00 A.M. When I got up at 6:00, it wasn't Snowing, but there was some Grappel that wasn't sticking...It was Light and stopped soon after...Pretty Cold Temps in the Morning though! Lots of Clouds still around when I headed for the Ponds. Watched the Cranes go again and then took some Photos of the fabulous Views with the Post Storm Clouds and the Sunrise playing Light Games! I think I took just as many Landscape Photos as I did Bird Photos on this Visit. All the Cloudiness was pretty hard on the Bird Photos due to my Camera's shortcomings in Low Light, but I did the Best I could....

Kind of the Same Schedule as Christmas Day was...Go out for awhile, go back to the Car for a Break and then go back out...Still a little Windy on this Day, but not the Gale Force Winds of the Day before...Lots of Bird Varieties this Time and I stayed plenty busy! :D Good thing I finally bought a separate Battery Charger for my Camera... :sl: Tried a few different things with my Camera this Time, but some of it didn't work out so well with the Low Light... ;) Trial and Error...Good Lessons learned... :) Practiced Hard to get some In-Flight Shots this Time... :)

Spent one more Night and then the next Morning, I didn't go out at all...Just packed up the Gear and did some more Birding elsewhere, meeting up with a Friend for the Day...I'll put that on a Separate Log...Plus I Camped for another couple of Days at another Location, so there will be more from there as well... :D

In spite of the Weather, it was another good Trip down here...This could become an Annual Trip for me very easily...So much to see down here and easy to incorporate other Areas into the Trip as well. :)

Photos...Sorry...Finally got sick of weeding them out... :sl: And just in case you're interested, short Video of Northern Shovelers, Shoveling....
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