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Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act I, AZ
mini location map2014-10-17
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Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act I, AZ 
Pinaleno Fall Tour - Act I, AZ
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Hiking4.00 Miles
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This Triplog and Photoset encompasses the first 2 of 7 Days in the Pinalenos looking for Fall Color and doing some Hiking...

Got to Safford in the Afternoon, ran some Errands and headed up the Hill for a nice Getaway for which I was way overdue...It was starting to get to be later in the Afternoon so the Light was nice and I stopped for a few Photo Ops on the way up...Got Camp set up and took off to find a nice Spot for Sunset since the Monsoon Season was apparently not over and there were Clouds...

As soon as I was out of my Vehicle for about 20 minutes, something hit my Sinuses very hard. It was surprising since I don't ever suffer from Allergies...I would proceed to endure severe sneezing fits and sinus angst for the next 3 days after that at 9000 feet. It's never been a problem before up there, but I've never been up there in late Fall, so who knows...I do know that after a 3rd Sleepless Night, I threw in the Towel and descended about 2000 feet and camped there...And everything immediately cleared up...All I can think of was maybe the Firs at that point were shedding something and once I was out of them, I was fine...I just don't know, but it was a grievous attack like I've not had before... :sweat:

I got Rained on a bit that night in the Clark Peak Campground. I only saw one other person that 1st Day...The next morning I took off right from Camp and did the CP Flat Loop. I was hopeful after seeing the Aspen coming up, that it would still be good, but many of the Trees were already bare. I did find a few Patches and enjoyed the Hike. I hiked a little Spur Road in there too, but it didn't pan out into much. Got back to the Vehicle and was not feeling too great, so decided to do a Vehicle Tour the rest of the Day with the Kleenex Box within Arm's Reach... :sweat: Went into Riggs Lake and saw a few Campers and then headed down the Road further, taking some Photos along the way...I stopped in Soldier Creek Campground for a bit and also got into a nice stand of Aspen that I hiked down to off the Swift Trail...

Returned back to Camp and set up in case of a nice Sunset since once again, there were Clouds...Enjoyed some Color from both the Foliage and the Sky and called it another Night...The Lack of people up there was Amazing and it was incredibly Peaceful...

In spite of the Sinus Troubles, it was a good start to a great Trip...I'll post two more Triplogs and Photosets on my Stay up there. I was gone a total of 10 Days, as I came down from the Pinalenos and went over to the Sierra Anchas to visit with Friends and chase more Fall Color. I came home with a little over 2000 Images, so I'll spread them out for you guys a little... :D
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foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Isolated
90% of the leaves are down on CP Flat Loop.
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