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Superstition Getaway - Day 2, AZ
mini location map2015-03-27
17 by photographer avatarAZWanderingBear
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Superstition Getaway - Day 2, AZ 
Superstition Getaway - Day 2, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 27 2015
Hiking5.77 Miles 2,621 AEG
Hiking5.77 Miles   4 Hrs   43 Mns   2.00 mph
2,621 ft AEG   1 Hour   50 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
Day 2 of our Superstitions Getaway started with a clear dawn and a quick breakdown of camp. Headed over to the Waffle House on Highway 60 for coffee and eggs and grits. After last night's bacon surprise, I opted for sausage. MJ devoured an omelet. They had to brew more coffee. You just can't go wrong at a Waffle House.

Headed to Peralta Trailhead for today's hike. We planned to take Peralta up to Fremont Saddle and then the Cave Trail down to Bluff Spring Trail and Bluff on back to the truck. A large backpacking group was getting ready at the parking lot. They beat us out onto the trails, but were going a different direction and thus were not an issue.

Neither of us were moving fast, likely due to a big dinner the night before, a big breakfast this morning and just general lethargy often found on the second day of any trip. But up the Peralta we went. Up and up and up it seemed. The trail is bordered by a lot of greenery, but not much color right now. The brittle brush is fading fast. Never done this trail before since it is usually quite crowded. There were people on the trail, but not so many as to make it unbearable. We definitely needed a little break by the time we hit the saddle. Found some shade and took some photos while downing some electrolytes. The day was decidedly warmer than the day before. We were going through water pretty quick.

Began to navigate the Cave trail, but took a detour out to the point with the pine tree. Wow what views you get from there. Not just Weaver's Needle, but pretty much a 360 degree look at the Superstitions, mostly the area east. We marveled a bit and then turned around to continue down the Cave Trail.

Luckily I had embedded Tibber's last track of this trail into the map of my gps. Route finding can be difficult, though often there are well placed cairns just when you need them. Even with the cairns you could easily get lost on this trail. The heat and the rock scrambling were taking their toll on us. Shade was hard to come by, but we took advantage when we could. The area with all the cairns under the overhang was a hit with MJ and she took the time to add a small one to the collection. A fit gentleman who obviously knew the route passed us up at this point and served as an unsuspecting trail guide until we lost sight of him. There were lots of wildflowers along the Cave as opposed to the Peralta.

We welcomed the sighting of the intersection with Bluff Springs and then the first sighting of our truck at the trailhead. The drive home was quiet since we were tired. There was a bit of discussion of when and where for our next getaway. Soon and somewhere are answers enough for today while we bask in the spell of the Supes.
Hoodoo Rock
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Named place
Weavers Needle
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Moderate
Best on the Cave Trail.
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