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Superstition Meander, AZ
mini location map2016-01-16
15 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Superstition Meander, AZ 
Superstition Meander, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 16 2016
Hiking4.60 Miles 675 AEG
Hiking4.60 Miles
675 ft AEG
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Last Weekend, the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club had a Meet that took place at the Horse Lot, near the 1st Water TH in the Superstitions....Today, a Friend of Mine, who had Set-Up the Event, had to go back out and Retrieve the Rest of the Controls. I couldn't make the Event last Weekend, but he invited me to go along today and work on my Skills which are still Lacking a little bit...I took a Class about 6 Weeks ago, but it was Quick and I hadn't really Practiced it yet. So this was a Good Way to Practice and since he's been doing it for Years, he could help if I got stuck... :sweat:

3 of us met at the Horse Lot this Morning. He had 4 Quadrants that needed to be Hiked so he could get the Controls...Another Gal and Myself tagged along with him on the 1st Quadrant. With the Exception of hitting Pieces of Old Road now and then, it was all Off-Trail...If I had just been out there Hiking Solo, I would have taken just about 10 Minutes longer to Bag the 3 out of 4 Peaks that we were a Stone's Throw away from, but my Friend needed to keep moving as there was a lot of Ground to Cover... I did hit the High Point on 2318, but didn't take any Time to see if there was anything up there as far as a Register or Benchmark...Looks like People have Camped up there though...

After we Completed the 1st Quadrant, I went over and started another one Solo, while my Friend and the Other Gal did a longer Loop on the Third Quadrant. I Brainfarted a little bit on the 2nd Control, but finally got my Head out of my Ass and figured it out...Took a while though...I ended up with a Headache.... :sweat:

Finished up in the Afternoon and hit the Crosscut TH on the way out, since I've never done anything from there...Just Wandered up the Massacre Trail a bit and checked things out...Saw a HAZ Decal in the Parking Lot, but I don't think I know that Vehicle.

It was a good Day...Even though the 2 Quadrants I did were fairly Short for Hiking, I wore a Heavy Daypack today to start getting back into the Swing of Things... I was a little Stiff from Yesterday as I've also started hitting the Gym now too...Got Places I want to go this Year and I'm in terrible Shape right now. You know I'm bad when my Muscles actually Fatigue to the Point that I have to stop, before I even get Winded.... :o Lots of Work ahead... :sweat:
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