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Fossil Springs Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-06-22
14 by photographer avatartrekkin_gecko
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Fossil Springs Loop, AZ 
Fossil Springs Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 22 2015
Hiking13.87 Miles 2,355 AEG
Hiking13.87 Miles   6 Hrs   28 Mns   2.82 mph
2,355 ft AEG   1 Hour   33 Mns Break
1st trip
i've hiked down to fossil creek twice before the dam was decommissioned, once in 2006 and once before 1998
been wanting to go back, and john hadn't been here at all
he even took a monday off so we could avoid some of the crowds
arrived at the trailhead early enough that only three or four cars were in the parking lot
didn't see anyone on the way down, until near the creek when we ran into a couple of backpackers hiking out
noticable amount of smoke in the canyon from the horse tank fire north of strawberry
crossed the creek bed and went past the camping area to the old dam site
took a dip there, sharing the place with just five younger guys
nice place for a swim and the water felt great
i wanted to see the waterfall on the other end, so we hiked down the flume trail for a few miles
dropped down off trail to the waterfall trail, and backtracked to the waterfall
went for another swim as we crossed the creek, then went up to the waterfall
started seeing more and more people, along with a corresponding amount of garbage
the waterfall was nice, and i'm glad we went there, but way too many people to enjoy it
went back to another pool for a snack and one last swim
hiked out forest road 708, which is now closed to vehicle traffic
essentially followed the loop bruce and joe did last april, but from the top
such a beautiful area, and i enjoyed seeing more of it
but the amount of water bottles, toilet paper, food scraps, wrappers and general garbage is disgusting
it's a shame that some of the visitors treat the wilderness as one big dumpster
on a monday, john counted about 60 people at the waterfall, with numbers rising to well over 100 as we hiked toward the road
while the warm temps make swimming fun, i wouldn't do this hike when school is out
i liked the dam area better, but by the time we got back to my truck, the lot was full and the dam was probably just as crowded
another time i would explore more of the creek, rather than hiking above it
a good time in spite of the garbage rant
good company, too - thanks john
hit that brewery on the way home, and then dq in payson
made it back just in time for the women's world cup soccer game
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