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mini location map2015-08-22
13 by photographer avatarfriendofThundergod
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Mound Mountain PeakGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 22 2015
Hiking26.19 Miles 4,722 AEG
Hiking26.19 Miles   10 Hrs   40 Mns   2.66 mph
4,722 ft AEG      50 Mns Break
1st trip
I figured I could not continue to call myself a Supes aficionado without at least one trip up Mound. Although, I had originally set out to do Boulder Peak today as part of my quest to do every trip and side trip in the Carlson and Stewart books (Boulder Peak being the quick side trip described on page 162 of the Eastern version). However, upon reaching the ranch Mound beckoned me.

Everyone was telling me I was crazy for wanting to do Mound in August, especially, from 109 north. So that was weighing on my mind, as were the stories of Manzinita Hell, the potential for hot temperatures and my estimation that it would be a 32 mile round trip. Consequently, for once I listened to reason and decided to scale back my Saturday hike and go for the aforementioned Boulder Peak. I really took it easy on the way into the ranch and even explored a long overdue over hang and flat spot on the way in. However, after taking a look at my map, yes a real paper map, (I still bring it every time to the Supes) I noticed that Mound was really not that far from the ranch. After a glance at my G.P.S., I realized there was no way I was looking at a 32 mile day. So I decided that if I actually started moving with a purpose, I could knock out Mound and still be home at a decent hour. I was not worried about not having the route, because I was still in my backyard and had been to Circlestone several times.

I ended up knocking out the peak with relative ease. There is a little manzinita in the beginning, but I think the descriptions of "manzinita hell" are slight over-statements, that is from the Circlestone approach anyways. I would say there is about a 35 meter stretch of it that is enough to annoy most, but I have encountered much worse. In fact, Pinto Peak is probably 50 to 100 times harder on the manzinitaville scale, as are some routes into Rough and parts of the Mazzies. After the manzinita annoyance, the route was pretty straight forward and even a little pleasant dare I say, as you get to go through a small slice of relatively open pine forest capped by a steep but quick climb. Signed the register, read the long names of HAZers and headed back.

Quick Notes:

I did not look overly close, but I am going to predict a bad season for apples at the ranch. Yes it is early, however, usually even this time of year one can see the tree branches drooping with green apples, but from afar I did not really see this.

I drank a lot of water! No seriously 160-170 oz of water and 32oz of Gatorade, no exaggeration!

It was warm, but not unbearable, however, even this area of the Supes should not be underestimated in the summer, take caution.

I stopped at Tortilla Flats for my traditional Chicken Pepe sandwich, but before I could finalize order I got a text from Chumley offering steak on the house. Me somewhat known for my frugality at times, cancelled the order and headed for Tempe. Thanks Chumley! I swear he is not as bad as some say. Also big thanks to slowandsteady and Bifrost for letting the pups sleep over last night and watching them today, so I could get that nice 0600 start and 0400 departure.

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