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Southern Arizona Escape, AZ
mini location map2015-11-10
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Southern Arizona Escape, AZ 
Southern Arizona Escape, AZ
Car Camping avatar Nov 10 2015
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What is now my Annual Fall Foliage Tour...This Trip had it all though...Color, Wildlife and Storms...I kept the Camera very busy. Hiked 8 Canyons and a River in 8 Days. Hit 4 Birding Spots and most of the Areas I was in for Foliage was also great for Birding...Also Chased a Storm and it's Fantastic Light over 2 of those Days as well... :D

Day 1: Hit 3 Birding Spots in Tucson before heading to the Huachucas. Got to Sierra Vista, got my Military Pass and started Scoping out where I was going to Camp...Not a lot of Dispersed Camping Options here, but in Miller, I found a Spot that would fit me and a Photographer Friend that would be arriving in a couple of Days. Picked up a ton of Nails out of the Spot though, someone has been Burning Pallets.... ](*,)

Day 2:It was all about the Garden...(Separate Triplog)

Day 3:Met up with my Friend and we hit 2 Canyons on this Day...(Separate Triplog)

Day 4: Back to one of the Canyons in the Morning, another Canyon in the Afternoon and finished at a River in the Late Afternoon...(Separate Triplog)

Day 5:My Friend took off for the Galiuros and Ash Canyon. I had another Canyon I wanted to hit here...(Separate Triplog)

Day 6:The Storm finally hits after just Faking it the Day before. Spent most of the Morning Shooting it from near my Campsite. I then visited with a Friend that owns a B&B at the Base of Miller. He has quite the Garden and has set it up as a Bird Viewing Area complete with a Blind. We visited for awhile and then just as I started to get Serious about Photos, a Cooper's Hawk came in and the Yard cleared completely out, so I didn't get much there. I did take some Photos of his Wonderful Perennials Blooming and his Garden in General.

Initially, my Plan was to spend a few days in the Huachucas and then head to the Chiricahuas, but I spent too many Days in the Sierra Vista Area and I didn't want to make that Drive just for a 1 1/2 Days. Next Time...Instead, I went ahead and followed the Storm into the Santa Ritas and Camped there a couple of Nights. I actually stayed an Extra Day and Night to hit another Canyon while I was there. I'll Post a Separate Triplog for the Santa Rita Part...Just too many Photos for just 1 Set... :sweat:

Day 7:Storm and a Canyon in the Santa Ritas...(Separate Triplog)

Day 8:Another Canyon and then hit the Road for Home.... :)

Very Good Trip again...Autumn is Interesting this Year. Everything is Late and Spotty, but there were some nice "Pockets".... :D Have I mentioned that the last Time I was in the Huachucas I was 16? I did a lot of Work in those Canyons, but after 36 Years it really was like seeing them for the First Time... :D I won't be waiting another 37 to Return... :sweat:

This Photoset will just Cover the Miscellaneous Shots from "Non-Hikes" in the Huachucas....
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