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Bumble Bee to Crown King, AZ
mini location map2016-01-10
8 by photographer avatarkelly14
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Bumble Bee to Crown King, AZ 
Bumble Bee to Crown King, AZ
ATV avatar Jan 10 2016
1st trip
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Took the utv up to Crown King from just by Bumble Bee. Temperature at the beginning was about 35 F and stayed relatively the same as the day went on and we got higher in elevation. Snow level was probably around 4000ft and once we hit Crown King it got deep. Started snowing too and at pretty good clip. Id guess Around Crown King they got at least 8 in of snow definitely more as we got higher up. The roads were terrible but we were in a utv so we were fine. Just about every creek/ wash was running. Messed around in the creek off the Crown King road by mile marker 4 and that creek was GUSHING. Beautiful Scenery, but pretty darn cold. Great Day Spent

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