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Ash Creek Off i-17 and Dugas Road, AZ
mini location map2016-03-22
6 by photographer avatarkelly14
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Ash Creek Off i-17 and Dugas Road, AZ 
Ash Creek Off i-17 and Dugas Road, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 22 2016
1st trip
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Read about this hike online and decided to check it out. Weather was really nice but it was a bit windy. Brought along our 8 month old puppy Riley. She loves water and enjoys hiking so I knew she would enjoy this. Parked about a 1/4 down a dirt road just off Dugas Road immediately after exiting I 17 . Jumped in the riverbed and went from there. It was extremely windy so being down in the canyon helped a lot. Easy walking in the sandy bottom and the scenery is pretty awesome. Lots of big sycamores and cottonwoods. The creek as expected was dry at first but eventually water starts to appear and as you get farther starts flowing!!! Unfortunately the first stretch of running water was pretty much destroyed by livestock and was a muddy, kind of crappy :scared: mess. But soon right about where I stopped and turned around (at one of many fence lines) all the livestock tracks stopped and the creek ran cool and clear. I don't know if the description I read online on this was dated, but I encountered 3-4 fence lines that i had to jump or squeeze through (that weren't in the description) and eventually came upon a private property fence line which I didn't really feel comfortable continuing thru. (well I sorta did just to get a few pics) :o All in all it was a cool little hike that unfortunately ended sooner than I hoped. From what I've read it only gets better so, maybe another day in the future I will be back.

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