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Schultz Tank - Dry Lake Hills Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-09-11
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Schultz Tank - Dry Lake Hills Loop, AZ 
Schultz Tank - Dry Lake Hills Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 11 2016
Hiking6.78 Miles 784 AEG
Hiking6.78 Miles   3 Hrs   5 Mns   2.42 mph
784 ft AEG      17 Mns Break
1st trip
SATURDAY: Helped out a bit at the Arizona Trail Days in Flagstaff on Saturday. It's really a very nice event with vendors and hikers and horseback riders and Jasmine the donkey of course. I was very impressed with Jack Welch who received special recognition. He has contributed a lot to the outdoor life around Flagstaff: ... html.
I happened to be in the right place at the right time so ended up volunteering to being the cashier in the beer garden where Wanderlust Brewing was serving up three lovely craft beers including Arizona Trail Ale. They were very gracious and also donated all proceeds and tips to the Arizona Trail. I found their coffee stout very good and they tell me there is a fine wheat beer they serve at the brewery. I like their theme as it matches up with my signature, "Beers for the Journey".

SUNDAY: Back to the hike. Wendy was ill so couldn't join me. I drove on Elden Springs Road which is in very good shape to Schultz Tank TH where I started. I've parked at this TH a few times but had never gone to see the Tank. There are even some ducks in there. I headed west toward the Sunset TH on an unnamed trail. There were a few cars at the TH and at the Trail gate there was a sign about a "bears" spotting. Well how 'bout that! The Little Gnarly Trail is actually part of the Schultz Loop trail and is a pretty nice road. Eventually you work your way up and up and up on this road encountering some aspen along the way.

The forest service has been active in here as well as on other parts of this route as there is a lot of road work going on as you make your way to the Dry Hills lakes. There is lots of drainages and tree trunks with orange markings. I topped out at the lake, it was pretty full. I took some photos and worked my way around to the right and over to the signs about Brookbank Meadow (mostly for my youtube viewers).
From there I continued on the road/trail and decided at the fork to go left but not before taking pictures of quite a mixture of wildflowers. I also noticed this big batch of white something on the top of a tall fir tree... it was all pine cones so I zoomed in for some pics. I encountered two other hikers who said there was a nice viewpoint at the end and to climb up on the rocks... and so I did. I was hoping the trail would continue west from here to hook up with Lost Burrito but it dead ends. I dubbed this Little Gnarly Pointe.

I headed back and went down the Jedi which is in pretty rough shape from all the rain. I hope the bike riders will be careful as some of their bridges and such are not serving their purpose anymore. I stopped and admired the aspen grove/meadow; sure is pretty :) . I did encounter a trail runner coming up the trail. It does have a couple tight switchback sections that one needs to be a bit careful on. Then I hooked up with a connector trail that takes you up to Sunset or down to Schultz Creek so I headed down Schultz Creek Trail as I decided to take that back to the TH as I hadn't been on it before. It is close to the road in parts so I hoped the traffic noise wouldn't be too bad and it wasn't. There was even a tad of water in the creek.

At the Sunset TH I talked to a couple motorcyclists and was commenting about the the orange striped forest. He said he had talked to a forest service person who said they were working on trying to restore the region to the way it was before we came along. Personally I don't think it's "we" that caused the change but the cyclical climate change. Anyway, there were many orange marked trees thruout my hike so it looks like they plan to be pretty aggressive about it.

I continued on the Sunset Trail to the other side of Schultz Tank and then down to the TH via Schultz Tank. It is a pretty site with the SF Peaks in the distance.

A note, the aspen were starting to turn in some areas already. I could see at the top of Elden quite a bit of yellow. Interestingly, the aspen were turning at different elevations on my hike which was odd. You would think only at the top but even around Schultz Tank there was some aspen turning.

It was a perfect day for a hike though a bit windy at times. I changed my pants and shoes, sent a couple pics on FB and headed to Subway for a sandwich to eat on the way home. Today I took the time to stop at the rest stop where you can see the landmarks of Sedona in the far distance. I haven't stopped here in a couple decades I bet. I remember stopping here with my mother for the first time and how amAZed we were.

Videos are in production, altho 2 are done.

Video 1 Schultz Tank to Dry Lake Hills lake - ... oYHc
Video 2 to Little Gnarly Point - ... scAo
Video 3 to and on the Jedi - ... t-Vo
Video 4 finishing the Jedi - ... dMoA
Video 5 Schultz Creek to Tank and I-17, Sedona Vista - ... vdb4
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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