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Escalante Butte
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mini location map2017-07-29
6 by photographer avatarnikorock28
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Escalante ButteNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 29 2017
Hiking4.20 Miles 2,871 AEG
Hiking4.20 Miles   4 Hrs   9 Mns   1.01 mph
2,871 ft AEG
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The last triplog for Escalante Butte was mine last year. Hard to believe! Hannah is here only a few more weeks and had done all the r2, even an r3 and rim to river, but was interested in doing some off trail, so this seemed like a good fit. We were off a little before 10am, made good time to the tree saddle and decided to shoot up straight from there, instead of walking around and ascending the north ridge. That's what I did last time and it seemed to work out well again this time.

Lots of heavy breathing took us to the summit slabs. We went up the west slab and Hannah went over to where you have to make the jump. She was over there for probably several minutes, before deciding to head back down to investigate the east, summit slab. I dont know how, but she climbed up the summit slab with absolutely no assistance or gear! Super impressive! So, yes, apparently it can be free climbed, but you have to have skills and a lot of courage. I made an attempt at it, but no pull up bar was present, so i jumped back down. there are really no grips at all and it is super awkward.

So, I went back up the west slab again to take her summit photo and investigate the dreaded leap of faith. I made it over to where you jump, but nah, it is not going to happen. Hey, at least I made it to where you can jump on this trip, so I consider that progress (I didn't want to traverse over there last time). Hannah was able to downclimb the summit slab with my assistance from below.

We took a little break in the shade of some rocks up there, then headed back down, with a very direct route off the summit, to the south. Stayed direct and south all the way to saddle and I was starting to feel the heat a bit. basically no shade or cloud cover at all. I was hoping for some, but it never came to fruition. I sent a huge boulder flying at one point, probably nearly the size of a human. Lots of loose boulders up there, so be careful if you take the more direct route down.

Back to the shade of the saddle tree for a quick shutting of the eyes and little break. still no cloud cover and the tanner was in full sun at this time of the day, so I knew the hike out would not be fun. It was a slog and I initiated stopping in the shade of small trees a few times. I left my go to electrolyte packets in my other backpack, so that probably didn't help. I was low on water, near the top, but Hannah let me drink some of hers. Could have done without, but it was certainly appreciated :)

Fun little mini adventure.

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