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Reverse FlatironPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 09 2017
Hiking8.50 Miles 3,376 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles
3,376 ft AEG
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What can you say about this one? It’s a calf killer on the way up and a knee cruncher on the way down.

This is my 4th trip up via the Reverse Flatiron Route, the first time following the “Offical Route”. For the other trips, I followed Rich Vincent’s route that goes up near the Hoodoo Waterfall canyon. My verdict for the which one is better? I prefer the route via the Crosscut and up near the Hoodoo Waterfalls. The route via the Massacre Falls was a little longer and not as clear cut. BUT, both are really amazing and I will probably go up via both for future trips.

We started at 515am and made our way to the Massacre Falls. The weather was very cooperative today. The temps were way down and a nice blanket of clouds keep Mr Sun at bay most of the day.

The route up from the Falls seemed sorta clear. The trail up off the Massacre Falls trail branches off before you make it to the little ridge before you turn to the falls. The track guided us directly up the ridge on the north side of the falls. The path was aided by some cairns placed along the way. Most of the trail going up was marked by cairns as well. We added and rebuilt some others to help future hikers along the way.

We basically aimed for the 3 hoodoos sticking up the highest. Some parts of this trail are very steep and there are sections on the way up that are loaded with scree and loose soil. But, we stayed on course and made it to the ridgeline.

We made it up to 5024 and had a nice break and took in the views. The air around was a little hazy, but the views are still spectacular. We opted to not visit the Flatiron, and started down the chute. That is the usual fun times. The hike back to the Crosscut/Massacre Trailhead from the Siphon Draw was longer than I wanted it to be, as I was feeling the “love” from abusing my legs, knees, and hips earlier. But, We all made it back safely.

We noticed that there were not many hikers out today. We saw 2-3 groups up on the Flatiron from 5024. We passed 2-3 more groups going up as we were going down. This is the least number of hikers I have ever seen up there. Of course, we saw absolutely no hikers, at all, on the way up.

An excellent hike with some new hiker friends!

This trip took longer than I expected. We took numerous breaks and took a lot of pictures. I am sure that added to the difference, as did the extra miles going via this route.
“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey

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