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Geronimo HeadPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 21 2018
Hiking5.14 Miles 1,981 AEG
Hiking5.14 Miles
1,981 ft AEG
1st trip
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Return to the mountain. It’s been many, many years since I visited Geronimo Head. I’d guess 15 years ago? When a hiking buddy of mine expressed interest in heading to see for himself, I figured it was time to get back up there!

We went up on January 21st, I am just now getting around to writing it up.

We parked at the overflow lot at Tortilla Flats and started up the trail. There was a little chill in the air when we started out about 0800am. I had the official route in my Route Scout and off we went.

I do not remember such a distinct trail the last time I was here. The first part of this trail is easy follow and well cairned. We got around Chimney Rock and started heading up towards the saddle were the delicate arch is located. This was the easy part of the hike and we made ok time.

Traversing the next saddle was easy to follow as well and the we got to the drainage chutes. Neither one of them looked very inviting, so we actually climbed up to based of the ridge and found a route to bypass both of them. This got us on the final approach to the first saddle.

We criss-crossed the wash and made it up for the first view of the Superstition Mountain. A little more climbing and we made it to base of the summit. This is where you get your first view of “the View”. Looking down at Battleship, LaBarge Box, the amazing views of Weavers Needle, BTM and Palomino, it was all worth the effort to get up there. We made our way up to the very top and took in some more views. We contemplated going over to the north and west to get a better view of Battleship and Boulder Canyon, but we opted to just start our way down.

We kinda/sorta followed the gps track. We made our way back to the trail and ended up going down the shorter southern chute. The trail was marked and cairned. The rest of the hike was along the well established trail. I stopped at the arch and took some pictures. It was in the shadows, so they came out so-so, but it’s still nice to see this little arch again.

Will I wait another 15 years to visit this place? No way. I think I will try to get up to the northern side via the Boulder Canyon trail next time though. That looks like an interesting path to take.
“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey

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