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Lost Sierra Ancha Ruin, AZ
mini location map2018-02-21
15 by photographer avatarGrasshopper
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Lost Sierra Ancha Ruin, AZ 
Lost Sierra Ancha Ruin, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 21 2018
Hiking1.70 Miles 750 AEG
Hiking1.70 Miles   4 Hrs      0.54 mph
750 ft AEG      50 Mns Break
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I like it when the residential appraisal business is at a sometimes low so our HAZ "ace" Google Earth Ruins hunter (ssk44- Eric) has more time to search our amAZing for possible lesser know sites :D

Eric located on GE, this hidden gem- Sierra Ancha Mountains Ruin site on 1/27/18. Oregon_Hiker (Larry) and I already had on our hike calendar for 1/30/18, another special ssk44 Sierra Ancha ruins find "Conner Canyon Ruins" [ photoset ] . Since we were in the general area, after returning to our vehicle from this 1/30 off-trail with still a few hours of daylight left, we decide to take a detour on our way back to personally scout out this recent "Lost Sierra Ancha Ruin" find.. for real it was and a real winner too but like our 1/30 Ruin hike challenge, we needed more close-up data in order to "crack the code" as to how we were going to summit this seemingly well cliff-defended ruin butte :?

Larry and I took a few scouting pics on 1/30pm and reported back to ssk44 our findings. On 2/2 Eric and his dad planned a special photoshoot trip for some high quality pics [ photoset ] and more detail analysis on how to safely mount this butte.

A successful 2/2 ssk44 trip with enough new data to allow Larry and I to put this one on our hike planning calendar for this Wed-2/21/18. Larry did our off-trail hike GPS planning route & the 4x4 driving route and I had the tough part to ready my standard 25# day pack (the day before) and to set my alarm clock for 5:15am for a 7:30am planned exit from my South Scottsdale (these days at 72+ yrs it takes longer for me to get it together) :)

It was a fine weather day for this hike and all was going well after our 10:50am TH Start until I decided to take my first camera pic :o Never before today had a fully charged (the day before) camera battery gone completely dead after my first pic attempt and no spare battery.. OMG no!

Fortunately, I had my mid-quality LG Smartphone with me, but I never use it for hike photos because with my prescription sun glasses, I can't see the screen and the phone photo options well enough to see what I'm doing. As it turned out, I took a total of 40 phone pics of which 3 were unplanned selfies of my face, 2 were unplanned videos and 6 were unplanned of the sky & ground :lol: I ended-up deleting a total of 20 of my total 40 smartphone pics and posted on HAZ for this outing a total of 15 pics (4 of 15 I cobbed from Larry & Eric to fill one page).
The moral of the story: "Never Assume Anything and always bring a spare, charged Camera Battery" ;-)

We finished off another rewarding and enjoyable hike day with dinner in Globe at a favorite place- :next:
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(Outside.. "there is No Place Like It!!")
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