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Sunrise Ringtail Jeep - Lost Dog, AZ
mini location map2020-12-22
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Sunrise Ringtail Jeep - Lost Dog, AZ 
Sunrise Ringtail Jeep - Lost Dog, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 22 2020
Hiking9.05 Miles 1,842 AEG
Hiking9.05 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   2.67 mph
1,842 ft AEG      7 Mns Break
1st trip
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It's been over 5 1/2 years since I've done the Peak and usually it was an after-work hike but not today. So how bad is this? I planned the hike so that I could be done by 4:45; in time to enjoy my beer before it got completely dark and then drive to the Thai House to pick up some Pad Thai. Such is the life of my retirement at the moment :lol: .

Off I went and headed up the trail. I had forgotten how rough it is; I get spoiled with my Phoenix Preserve trail tread. I see they have rocked this trail too and added drainages. Seems strange to see all these new drainages in some of the city, county, regional parks I've been hiking. It is a rather long gradual entry up to where the climb actually begins. I encountered a few hikers along the way.

Once you actually start the climb, the trail tread, for the most part, is a lot nicer except for some rocky sections here and there. I more or less like the grade of this climb and I still remembered it. I plodded my way up to the first saddle and noticed the moon to the left of Sunrise Peak so I grabbed a couple pics along with a few more along the way as my foreground changed. I also took pictures of the distant views. It wasn't the best time of day to be taking pictures but I took them anyway. In fact, I ended up taking more pictures than I anticipated but I guess that's usually the case with me 😉 .

When I got to the second saddle I saw the new development below. Since 2015 one portion was finished and the beginnings of an even bigger subdivision has emerged. I also noticed that you can use one of the horseshoes from the railing to center Weavers Needle but it would take manual settings to get the shot. And now it was time for the climb up Sunrise. I think this is one of the easier short and sweet climbs there is of a peak. Just before I got to the top I saw a raven on a rock at the edge so I tried to get a few pictures of it preening and observing. This is when I wish I had my camera.

There were a few people at the top. I made my way over to the eastern edge and sat for a moment to get some photos and re-tie my shoes. I was amused by the Exit sign for the way down. Don't know that I've seen an exit sign on a peak before. On my way down I encountered a few hikers just like I did on the way up. And then it was down the hills I went enjoying the cool air and trying to make decent time so that I could do the full hike I had planned. Once again I encountered hikers and a few bike riders. That has to be a rough trail in spots to ride because of the rockiness.

I took my "stage right" onto the Ringtail Trail which I hadn't been on this side for many years. It has a few little hills and some nice desert landscaping. When I got to the intersection with the Old Jeep Trail and it said 1.8 miles (I think?) I figured I could still do it and be done in time for my 4:45 beer. This is a gradual grade hike up a very rocky road and then two dips with another small dip before you hike slightly downgrade until reaching the intersection with the Lost Dog. Once again there was more trail work here including rock and drainages. I encountered a few sets of hikers and bike riders along the way. I was surprised it was still another 1.8 to the TH as I was hoping it was only a mile. Nonetheless, it was 4:10 and if I could do a 20 min. mile💨 I could still meet my beerline, I mean deadline.

They've also done some work on the Lost Dog Trail including one big drainage area. And, of course, along here are some little cholla forests that are lit up by the sun. The shade of the mountains was pretty large now but they weren't quite covering all the cholla yet so I was able to get a few pictures. Once back in the shade of the mountains I put on my down vest that I had tied to my waist pack. I just don't like getting that chill at the end of a hike so I was glad I had lugged it along. There were more hikers now and a few bike riders as well so pretty consistent throughout the 9 miles.

And now, what time is it? Yep, "beer time". I try to park Tonto 3 in a position so as to enjoy the view while I have my beer and snack. And this time on the drive out, I pulled over to get a picture of the sunset that was also slightly reflected on the hood.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is the most total miles I've hiked in a year breaking my 578 mile record in 2014. How 'bout that! Who knew this hiking thing would catch on with me....

WATCH: 8.72 mi in 3:32:19 at 2.4 avg MPH, 134 avg BPM (1:11 in Zone 5 (max), 1:30 in Zone 4 (anaerobic), 48 in Zone 3) burning 1450 calories (yeah for Pad Thai then). Starting temp 66.1 at 16% humidity. Finished at beer time, 4:42.
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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