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Grant Creek Trail #305
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mini location map2007-06-12
7 by photographer avatarmercedesrule
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Grant Creek Trail #305Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Backpack avatar Jun 12 2007
Backpack6.30 Miles 3,770 AEG
Backpack6.30 Miles
3,770 ft AEG
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I took this trip with my father in law.....a Mt Graham expert. We started on the Grant creek trail just off the Fort Grant prison grounds, and started up grant canyon. We had made it approximatly 1 mile or so when a soft rain began to fall. It was pleasant at first because it kept us cool as we hiked. As the day wore on the rain continued and it began to get pretty cold as we climed in elevation. The constant on slaught of ran began to soak threw our packs and soaked all of our gear. As Grant creek trail ended at highway 366 we found we had a decision to make. The weather was worsening and it was now freezing cold. We had a few more hours of daylight and then would be forced to make camp. As arizona minimalists our gear was not nearly adequate for the conditions present. Wussing out would have been calling someone to drive up the mountain and pick us up. Instead we half wussed out. We hiked another 2 miles on the highway to a forest service camp, Columbine. We found an open barn like structure with a wood buring stove, started a fire, and dried our gear. Then some owl counting U of A students took pity on us and put us up in a cabin overnight. I have never slept so good in my life.

The next morning we started fresh and hiked across the highway to the Ash creek trail head. We followed the ash creek trail down the canyon as my father in law pointed out the ruins of several log mills. As he pointed out a large log flum used to run down the canyong following ash creek. As you hike you can still see pre cut planks of wood that must have fallen off the flum as they raced down the canyon. As a history buff I found this hike very interesting, and was grateful for my father in laws knowledge.

The trail eventually took us out of the nice cool pines and into the blistering hot june desert at the foot of the mountain. We were picked up at a place called Cluff Ponds near Pima AZ, by my mother in law who had remembered to bring a cherry coke. :sweat:

Oh yeah forgot to snowed during the night that June. Go figure! Pics aren't that good I took them with my cell phone since I always forget my camera.
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