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mini location map2018-10-27
9 by photographer avatarfriendofThundergod
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Tanner TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 27 2018
Hiking21.14 Miles 6,076 AEG
Hiking21.14 Miles   16 Hrs   58 Mns   1.75 mph
6,076 ft AEG   4 Hrs   53 Mns Break
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Vishnu was the goal and I had a permit for a night in Unkar, but nothing seemed to be going in the direction of that happening, so I suggested a lazy day on the river and some much needed packrafting practice for the both of us. Luckily, this plan B turned out pretty well, well except the part about carrying full packs back to the trailhead after several hours of packrafting and a little hiking (sorry Karl).

We got a nice early start, but due to my own stupidity we did not get any sleep the night before and it started to cross my mind on the way down that we might put in a ton of work only to get denied by a lack of day light hours. I think Vishnu is definitely a three day summit. I am intrigued about maybe going back and doing it as part of an ambitious backpack from like Tanner to Phantom and out S.K.

Our plan B was working with our packrafts in the Colorado River and making an attempt to cross over to Basalt Canyon. I had heard that Basalt was a worthy destination from some boaters on my last backpack, so I was kind of intrigued about what the Canyon might have to offer. The river is quick at Basalt and it took us three times to figure out how we were going to cross it, but we eventually made it. Although at one point, I did think that Karl was heading for the big rapids after we both got caught in some rougher and faster water than what we should have been in. After making the crossing we could not break through the brush choked islands on the way to the mouth of Basalt, so we went back and got in our packrafts and just floated the river to the mouth of Basalt. We did not hike very far up Basalt, but were semi impressed by the short section of narrows we did hike to. Although, I know that Canyon holds more attractions. Crossing back to the south side was a bit of an attention grabber and kind of exhilarating. We did not have the benefit of the curve in the river, nor the use of the little eddy we used to assist our crossing to the north side. Instead we had a fast choppy crossing that required some pretty exhausting paddling to clear the current in the middle of the river.

After packing up our gear and taking a little bit of a break, we started back towards the slog that is the climb up Tanner. The climb though the redwall on Tanner has to be one of the more difficult trail climbs in the park I feel.
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Vishnu Temple
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