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mini location map2014-11-09
9 by photographer avatarDave1
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Tanner TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 09 2014
Backpack37.00 Miles 8,100 AEG
Backpack37.00 Miles2 Days         
8,100 ft AEG
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Set off down Tanner Trail at about sunrise. About 1/2 mile down I realized my camera wasn't working so I went back up to my car to get my cell phone. Followed Tanner down to the Beamer junction and then took Beamer east until I was across from the appropriate creek I needed to access. Crossed the Colorado by packraft and then followed a side canyon up to Juno Ruins. Got to the ruins at about sunset so I had just a short time to look around and snap some crappy cell phone pics. I went back down canyon in the dark and then found a nice campsite for the night. It was a windy night with a near full moon, was glad I brought a bivy sack to block the wind and light. Crossed the Colorado back to Beamer the next morning. The current was strong here and I had to paddle furiously to avoid being pulled down into a small rapid.

Ran into Jim H. on the way up Tanner. I almost fell over when he said Tanner wasn't that steep :o

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