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mini location map2019-06-04
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West Baldy Trail #94Alpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking15.50 Miles 2,242 AEG
Hiking15.50 Miles   7 Hrs   28 Mns   2.53 mph
2,242 ft AEG   1 Hour   21 Mns Break
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It had been a year since I had hiked up to Mount Baldy, so I talked Tracie into going up there with me to check it out.

I prefer to do a loop hike by going up the East Baldy Trail, and down the West Baldy Trail. However, I had seen recent trip reports from LindaAnn and Crzy4AZ in which they had encountered some significant snow on the East Baldy Trail. In addition, the NOAA snow depth map for the date that I did the hike showed more snow on the East Baldy Trail than the West Baldy Trail, which isn't surprising since the East Baldy Trail is more shaded. That being the case, we decided to just go up and down the West Baldy Trail.

On the way up, we took the Crossover Trail over to check out the crossing over the West Fork of the Little Colorado River. When I was last up there it was a simple matter of using stepping stones to get across; however, we would have gotten our feet wet had we needed to cross this time.

Once we hit an elevation of about 9,900 feet we started to encounter occasional short sections (probably 15'-20' or so) of snow on the trail. It was not much of an issue though. Once we got to an elevation of around 10,750' we decided to put on microspikes when we encountered a section of trail that was a bit slippery from the snow. Once we were past that, up to about 11,000' there were some sections of the trail that were snow covered and some that were dry. Once above 11,000' the ground was completely covered with at least several inches of snow. The snow was packed down, and with microspikes the traction was fine, but without my GPS we would not have been able to figure out where the trail was. Once we hit 11,000' it was about 1/3 mile to the East Baldy-West Baldy Trail junction. We stopped there for a snack, and then made our way back to the TH.

Deadfall on the West Baldy Trail was much less than it was this time last year. I imagine that we came across about 40 downed trees over the trail on this hike; when I hiked the West Baldy Trail this time last year, I counted over 100 downed trees on the trail. I talked to the Springerville Ranger District a couple of weeks ago and they are going to start their annual deadfall maintenance in late June or early July -- thankfully they will have an easier time of it this year!
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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Edward Abbey
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