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Skyline West Loop-JTY (7.5), AZ
mini location map2019-12-25
18 by photographer avatarYoder
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Skyline West Loop-JTY (7.5), AZ 
Skyline West Loop-JTY (7.5), AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 25 2019
Hiking7.50 Miles 1,450 AEG
Hiking7.50 Miles   3 Hrs   5 Mns   2.73 mph
1,450 ft AEG      20 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
We decided to check out the Skyline Regional Park since it is a fairly new park, and got pretty good reviews. It was rainy, so that added to the nice factor. We made a big loop of the west side of the park combining sections of:
1. Turnbuckle
2. Granite Falls
3. Chuckwalla
4. Pyrite
5. Pyrite Summit
GPS Route has been posted if you want to download it.

Got a bit of rain during the hike, and were hiking in the clouds in some sections of the hike. I didn't bring my med weight raincoat because I figured with a 40% chance of rain I would be OK. Not really OK, but hey! I have my trusty "Emergency" raincoat I always bring with me (a medium trash bag just big enough for me to fit in). After ripping a hole in the bottom of the bag, and pulling it over, sticking my head out through the rip I was good to go. My wife just shook her head (she did bring a raincoat) and mumbled something about "Time to take out the trash". :lol:

All in all a pretty nice place, trails are well kept and easy to follow. I think this is an ideal night-hike location. I think next full moon, weather permitting, I'll to a South loop, and get some night photos.

J. Yoder
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