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Hiero Hut and King Tut, AZ
mini location map2020-01-17
17 by photographer avatarvanman
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Hiero Hut and King Tut, AZ 
Hiero Hut and King Tut, AZ
Hiking5.43 Miles 1,791 AEG
Hiking5.43 Miles   5 Hrs   19 Mns   1.29 mph
1,791 ft AEG   1 Hour   7 Mns Break
1st trip
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Finally got back up Hiero to check out the stuff I saw last month: the rock hut and the huge saguaro up by Balancing Rock that I had never noticed before last time (I'm calling it King Tut for fun!).

The off-trail climb to the hut was a good workout! Loose stuff covered by grass and bushes. The hut wasn't nearly as cool as the one we found in Spirit Canyon. Basically just an illusion from down on the trail which is what I expected but I still had to see if it had a flat floor like Spirit Canyon. And no!

I came back down Hiero but stayed high and went off-trail towards the Balancing Rock route, followed it up until I could cut over towards Tut. It's almost as high up as Balancing Rock so it was a rugged off-trail journey! He's a big boy but not quite as big as the one that was on the way to Charlebois or the one that was along Lost Goldmine near Carney. And it has a severe lean so who knows how much longer it will last, as if 200+whatever-years isn't enough!?!

Came down that first ridge that goes up/east from the big pool/petroglyphs. Had a fun day exploring and wearing myself out!!
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