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mini location map2020-01-20
5 by photographer avatarjacobemerick
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Horns Of DilemmaPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 20 2020
Hiking3.56 Miles 808 AEG
Hiking3.56 Miles   4 Hrs      1.11 mph
808 ft AEG      48 Mns Break
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Figured it was time to complete this one w/ the kiddos. Started from TH w/ a small gang (my three kids, brother-in-law, fiance, friend, dog, etc). Kids were whiney at the start, even with the outstanding hiking conditions (easy footpath, cloudy skies, nice breeze), and the first mile dragged. BIL's dog kept collecting cholla in her paws so they turned back after a mile and left me out there w/ the three kids. Surprisingly, this is when things got fun. We stopped for a quick lunch and then zipped up to the horns, the 2-year old leading the charge up that loose scramble of a climb, hunting cairns and elusive path like a pro. Views are outstanding from the horns. The descent was a bit tricky - carried 2yr, and 5yr fell backwards into a cholla and got a handful of spines.

After the trauma we dropped down to one of the Willow Creek tributaries, found a clear pool of water, and I showed them how to collect and filter water. They were attentive, either because they were too exhausted to wander away or because I promised to make them cocoa with the filtered water. Cocoa and cookies were a big hit (hopefully I didn't just make that the new 'norm' for dayhikes). On the way back I let the two boys find their own way back, letting them hop from tributary to trail, keeping them within earshot in case of injury, while 2yr and I strolled and chatted. On a whim we looped north around the final hill and found a well-cairned trail that shoots up out of the creek before turning with the contours, making a much easier return to the two-track.

As usual for this area, there are at least 2, if not more, cairned paths to choose from. Most of them work out.
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