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mini location map2020-02-18
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Perry Tank Canyon RuinsCamp Verde, AZ
Camp Verde, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 18 2020
Hiking1.20 Miles
Hiking1.20 Miles   3 Hrs      0.40 mph
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Easy hike to one of several major arch sites atop Perry Mesa. There are two fair-sized pueblos here, and these are dangerous places, with fallen walls and thick brush obscuring the ground. Best to take a look, but not wander too far in. The real attraction here is the canyon wall, adorned with all manner of impressive petroglyph, including an unequaled collection (in my experience) of large shaman glyphs. Shaman glyphs are anthropomorphs with exaggerated hands and feet, and reportedly denote religious figures. Then there are the duck glyphs that lend this site the popular nickname of Pueblo Pato (the duck house, or more comically, the quack house). Pretty long drive in, but accessible to all with high clearance vehicles -- no 4WD required.
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