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Perry Tank Canyon Ruins
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Perry Tank Canyon RuinsCamp Verde, AZ
Camp Verde, AZ
Hiking3.22 Miles 365 AEG
Hiking3.22 Miles   3 Hrs   53 Mns   1.07 mph
365 ft AEG      53 Mns Break
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Checking off my 12th site from the hiking seldom seen ruins book! Man, that book really gets the parking locations so wrong and/or assumes everyone is driving a sedan, lol. Based on HAZ info, I was planning on parking near the perry windmill and hiking approx 6 miles. However, when I was approaching that pin, there was a TON of cattle (cows, bulls, the cutest baby cows) all hanging out there. I was solo hiking, so honestly didn’t want to walk through them all and kinda felt bad disturbing them too. I drove a bit further to give them space and consulted my maps. I determined that if I continued driving, I’d get to a spot where the route actually intersected with the road. I figured it was worth a shot, but wasn’t sure if I’d be missing any petroglyphs by not hiking that first section. It was the best option for me to be able to hike comfortably solo, so that’s what I did.

After parking off the side of the road in a little pull off area I found, I had to backtrack a bit on the road to meet up with the route. The beginning was pretty boring, walking in a grassy meadow with a bunch of baseball sized rocks to avoid. Then I started approaching the edge of the Perry tank canyon. I actually had no pins for any petroglyphs this time. My last trip to Perry Mesa was filled with petroglyphs so I was kind of expecting the same here. In hindsight, that was definitely a mistake as they seemed way more spread out at this site.

The route I was following stayed up on the Mesa but I know that the petroglyphs are always down a bit, so I decided to climb down and navigate across while looking up at the rock faces. I figured this would give me the best chance to see the most. The terrain down there was a pain in the butt, lol! It was constant navigating around various forms of cacti, climbing over/around large rocks and hiking on top of mini Boulder fields. It was a whole process of navigate a small section, stop and look up for glyphs and repeat. :sweat:

I was really only seeing faded glyphs and was starting to question my decisions, but I continued on, slowly making my way towards the other end of the canyon. I hiked to where the HAZ track ended and finally saw some clusters of petroglyphs. I was really looking forward to seeing the duck and the large feet in particular, but I just wasn’t spotting them! I went to a screenshot that I had of info on the site and verified that I was in what I thought was the correct place. I did see a duck and other interesting types of glyphs but they still looked faded compared to pics I saw on here. I still had daylight left to look around a bit more, but then it got crazy windy to the point where I almost lost my favorite hat… :cry: The wind was so bad, I could barely stand up straight! I decided I needed to get to higher ground because the wind was really no joke and I don’t mess around with AZ weather; my allergies also went nuts.

I tried to wait it out a bit on the Mesa area so I could resume my hunt, but it wasn’t dying down. I quickly checked out some of the crumbling rock walls of the dwellings but didn’t really take any pics because they were in pretty bad shape. I ultimately made the call to just hike back to my vehicle and come back a different day. I’m not quite sure if I just missed the less faded petroglyphs or if I didn’t actually hike by them due to altering my route in the beginning. It’s definitely going to take a bit more research and exploring to see everything this particular site has to offer.

I only saw one male + dog copilot on an ATV and a big herd of antelope (pranghorn) the entire day! :D
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