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Shaughnessey trail, AZ
mini location map2020-03-21
18 by photographer avatarWalkingbambam
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Shaughnessey Trail, AZ 
Shaughnessey Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 21 2020
Hiking7.20 Miles
Hiking7.20 Miles   3 Hrs   52 Mns   1.86 mph
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1st trip
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Curious about the progress on the Shaughnessey trail so I left the house on foot 6:30 am and headed that way. The improved trail is about 1/3 up the mountain and stops in a wash. I followed the orange ribbons thru the wash for about 1000ft until the wash forked. I went the east fork for a few minutes until the wash forked again. I followed the ribbons, zig zagging to the top. Steep climb in places and lots of neat rock formations. Plenty of wild flowers. I notice that the ground was recently disturbed in several places and it was small so I must of been following some kind of animal. When I reached Bursera it was like party. I ran into several small groups so I headed west. A few hikers had the same idea but when I reached the west end of Gila I didn't see anyone. I scouted around the old place that was in the valley over the hill north of the Taylor/Morrison homes and just east of the new 202. Ran into a gentleman who claimed to have owned the property. 5 acres around the old house. He said he was going to build on it some day. Looks like he has been staking it out for a house. He said there was water and power to the property. Ok! We’ll see!! I headed east and skirted the Ridgeline above the housing development. I saw four hawks flying around. Pretty sight!! Ran into bikers and hikers when I got back to the trail so I footed it home thru the million dollar homes!! Saw three more hawks flying around over my neighborhood. Maybe they were following me!! Great day for a hike!! HAPPY HIKING!!
Walkingbambam :)

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